Professional Sound - June 2022 - Page 48


Genelec RAW Series 8331 & 8341 Studio Monitors
Genelec has expanded its range of RAW aluminum models to include the 8331 and 8341 three-way coaxial studio monitors from The Ones series , with a portion of each sale of these new models being donated to the Audio Engineering Society ( AES ) throughout the whole of 2022 .
All RAW models feature the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure ( MDE ) design , developed by Genelec in collaboration with industrial designer Harri Koskinen . As part of Genelec ’ s Smart Active Monitoring family , all models in The Ones range integrate with GLM software , which can calibrate and control entire Genelec smart monitoring systems . GLM can minimize the room ’ s detrimental influence on the sound , enabling the user to produce mixes that translate to other systems , whether the format is stereo , surround , or high-channel-count immersive .
For more information , contact SFM : 800-363-8855 , info @ sfm . ca , www . sfm . ca .
Sennheiser XS Wireless IEM In-Ear Monitoring System
Sennheiser has unveiled the XS Wireless in-ear monitoring system ( or XSW IEM for short ), a complete starter set for personal monitoring designed to be a simple , flexible , and reliable wireless in-ear monitoring . The system enables users to establish an easy-to-manage wireless connection in the professional UHF range .
XSW IEMs uses the UHF band . Aligned and pre-calculated frequency presets get musicians started and if desired , transmission frequencies can also be selected manually . Backlit displays on both the receiver bodypack and the rack-mount transmitter help users see settings even in poor lighting conditions . In addition , the system offers a limiter to protect the user ’ s hearing and a high-frequency boost to increase detail and intelligibility .
For their monitor sound , users can opt for a mono mix ( one mix , and the pan control adjusts the volume for the left and right ear ) or a stereo mix . The latter provides two options : With Focus mode switched off , the pan control will change the left / right volume ; with Focus mode switched on , it will determine which of the two input signals will be heard louder .
For more information , contact Sennheiser Canada : 514-426-3013 , info @ sennheiser . ca , www . sennheiser . ca .
Crest Audio SPX Series Power Amplifiers
Crest Audio , a Peavey Commercial Audio brand , has continued the CPX Series of power amplifiers . Geared toward the needs of the touring and installation markets , the CPX Series offers solutions designed to serve as the backbone of a mobile sound system , studio , and many other install applications requiring powerful but affordable amplifiers .
The CPX Series is available in four models : the CPX 1 , CPX 2 class A-B , CPX 3 , and CPX 4 Class-H , with power ranging from 480W to 1,600W per channel . The amplifiers are designed to operate at line voltages as low as 50 % of nominal and can drive loudspeaker circuits as low as two ohms per channel or four ohms when set to bridge mode . An exclusive Crest Audio feature of the CPX Series is the GCL ( gain comparator limiting ) system with a rear panel defeat switch . The GCL monitors input / output gain , reduces the signal when distortion or excessive high current conditions occur , and protects the loudspeakers from dangerous transients and unexpected level changes .
For more information , contact Techni + Contact Canada : 514-695-4883 , info @ technicontact . com , www . technicontact . com .