Professional Sound - June 2022 - Page 47

Austrian Audio OD5 & OC7 Microphones
Austrian Audio has introduced two new microphones : the OD5 , an activedynamic microphone , and the OC7 , a true condenser microphone .
The company ’ s engineers have developed a swivel system for the microphone basket that allows a 220-degree rotation of the field . The microphones can be very aligned to the sound source or according to personal sound preferences without having to adjust or loosen the microphone stand . The OC7 and the OD5 both use Austrian Audio ’ s Open Acoustics technology . The “ linear cardioid ” polar pattern captures sound from the front , rear , or side .
The OD5 features the same active-dynamic circuit featured in the OD505 vocal microphone . In the OD5 , a CAB (“ cut and boost ”) filter is applied at 80Hz , which works best with guitar amplifiers . This filter removes the unusable low frequency sound and at the same time increases pressure in the bass range . The second position at 120Hz is a common second order high-pass filter .
The OC7 is best suited for use on all instruments that have particularly lively transients . This includes all kinds of percussion instruments like snare drums and toms , but also piano and acoustic guitar . The sound also lends itself to use on various string instruments .
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RF Venue Diversity Architectural Antenna
RF Venue has introduced its Diversity Architectural Antenna , a new system component for wireless microphones that offers the core capabilities of the company ’ s Diversity Fin Antenna in a virtually invisible footprint .
In installations where aesthetics matter , the Diversity Architectural Antenna aims to provide a solution to the problem of wireless microphone signal dropouts , multipath interference , and IMD issues plaguing the use of separate paddle antenna pairs . The antenna seeks to offer a solution for integrators developing A / V systems for houses of worship , schools from K-12 to higher education , corporate conferences , training rooms , and any other smaller , indoor multi-purpose venue .
Featuring a slim profile enclosure , the Diversity Architectural Antenna can be installed in any position on a wall or ceiling and can be painted to match any interior . With its dual-feed antenna design , both A and B diversity connections are provided , so there ’ s no need to install two separately spaced antennas .
For more information , contact Audio-Technica Canada : 450-506-0245 , info @ audio-technica . ca , www . audio-technica . ca .
Shure MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone
Shure has introduced the MXA920 ceiling array microphone . With Automatic Coverage technology , the MXA920 provides pre-configured audio capture with minimal set up required , reducing the time and cost of deployments for integrators .
The MXA920 employs Shure ’ s next generation array architecture for enhanced directional pick-up and more natural speech . Plus , the onboard IntelliMix DSP delivers noise and echo-free performance as well as improved audio clarity and intelligibility for AV conferencing across room types — executive boardrooms , higher education hybrid classrooms , corporate , and government meeting spaces . Two form factors ( square and round ) support design integration into sophisticated facilities and meeting spaces . The MXA920 is designed to allow audio professionals to achieve easier deployment and better accommodate demanding applications like camera tracking , voice lift , and sound reinforcement .
For more information , contact SFM : 800-363-8855 , info @ sfm . ca , www . sfm . ca .