Professional Sound - June 2022 - Page 46


Lectrosonics DSR , DSR5P & DSR4 Digital Slot Recievers
Lectrosonics has announced the introduction of the DSR and DSR5P dual-channel and DSR4 quad-channel digital slot receivers . The new receivers are compatible with all the current Lectrosonics mono and stereo digital transmitters and are backward compatible with any of the Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitters made in the past 20 years .
The DSR and DSR5P receivers provide two independent receiver channels and the DSR4 provides four independent receiver channels , with feature sets in the Unislot / Superslot form factor for ENG ( Electronic News Gathering ), field , and location production . Both receivers come in several tuning ranges including A1B1 ( 470-614 MHz ), B1C1 ( 537-692 MHz ), 941 ( 941-960 MHz for use in North America ), and 961 ( 961-1,015 MHz for use in the U . K .). Settings can be made from the front panels which feature high-resolution displays , mounted in or on cameras , and on sound carts . An RF spectrum analyzer and SmartTune are built into the receivers as well . The new receivers include a USB jack and data connection through the SuperSlot interface for compatibility with Lectrosonics Wireless Designer frequency coordination and system management software .
For more information , contact Lectrosonics Canada : 416-596-2202 , colinb @ lectrosonics . com , www . lectrosonics . com .
Black Rooster VLA-2A Mark II Vintage Levelling Amplifier
Black Rooster Audio has introduced the VLA-2A Mark II vintage leveling amplifier , advancing its plug-in as an updated version of its emulation of a late ‘ 60s vintage opto compressor .
www . blackroosteraudio . com .
Digital Audio Denmark AX64 & Core 256
Digital Audio Denmark has developed a new technology , dubbed Thunder | Core , and implemented it in two new products : the AX64 and Core 256 . Thunder | Core is a direct link between DAD audio conversion , flexible routing , and computers . At the core , two USB-C / ThunderBolt 3 ports with a capacity of up to 256 bidirectional channels and near-zero latency connects to Windows- or macOS-based computers , working with a flow of audio channels across Dante , MADI , and ADAT .
The AX64 builds on the legacy of DAD ’ s AX32 unit , and has eight expansion slots that can be filled with any available expansion cards , including A / D , D / A , MADI , Dante , and AES , as well as a processing card for speaker EQ or channel delay . The Core 256 comes with a total of 592 input and output channels across Thunderbolt , Dante , MADI , and ADAT , but it can also be expanded with a MADI module , adding 128 extra channels . It also comes with built-in 512 x 64 channels of Pro | Mon summing , SPQ Speaker EQ processing , and capacity for 1,500 x 1,500 channels of internal routing .
For more information , go to www . digitalaudio . dk .