Professional Sound - June 2022 - Page 44


TSL Enhanced Power Distribution Unit
TSL has added more amps and outputs to its power distribution units , increasing their functionality . The new Intelligent PDUs offer enhanced levels of power monitoring and management . In addition , TSL ’ s updated PDUs help companies meet sustainability goals as the devices can act under instruction to selectively switch off power when not in use , either remotely or onsite .
These ethernet-connected PDUs have been designed to handle up to 32 amps ( A ) with optional auto-failover / auto supply and lifted the entry-level amps from 16 to 20 . The new design also includes an upgrade from 12 to14 outputs , each one capable of delivering up to 10A . In addition to comprehensive remote control through the secure / encrypted web browser access ( HTTPS ), the PDUs have a front panel LCD screen for local monitoring and control . With an always-on front panel colour LCD UI , users can view the current , voltage and power factor measurement for each outlet ; input voltage and total current / power measurement ; CLASS I (‘ billing grade ’) measurement accuracy ; and earth leakage current measurement . The new units also feature sequential , immediate , or user-configured delayed start-up . The changover units have zerocross switching to avoid power spikes that can damage connected equipment .
For more information , contact Sonotechnique : 514-332-6868 , sales @ sonotechnique . ca , www . sonotechnique . ca .
Waves Audio MyFOH Remote Control App
Waves Audio has released MyFOH , a remote control app for the Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer that allows front-of-house engineers to control the LV1 over Wi-Fi from any iPad or Android tablet , and shape the live mix from anywhere in the venue .
info @ waves . com , www . waves . com .
Meyer Sound Panther Line Array
Meyer Sound has released the Panther largeformat linear line array loudspeaker , which it says redoubled its commitment to green touring . The Panther loudspeakers were designed for a reduced carbon footprint in manufacturing , transport , and operation .
The design criteria for Panther required a substantial reduction in size and weight compared to prior generations of line array loudspeakers , as well as at least a 20 % reduction in power consumption to achieve the same acoustic output . The result is a system with a peak acoustic output exceeding 150 dB SPL and weighing under 150 lb ., retaining the same width of the Lyon linear line array loudspeaker but with nearly the same output and long-throw capacity of the larger and heavier Leo system .
For more information , contact GerrAudio Distribution : 613-342-6999 , sales @ gerr . com , www . gerr . com .