Professional Sound - August 2022 | Page 49

Flock Audio Patch App DX Hardware Management System
Flock Audio has stepped into the world of comprehensive hardware management with premium subscription version of its Patch App software , Patch App DX . It expands upon the routing , recall , and functionality of Flock Audio ’ s Patch App Classic software by implementing cross platform operation ( Mac OS X , iPad , and iPhone ), advanced features that assist with speedy and accurate hardware recall , and visual customization options for workflow optimization .
In addition to supporting Mac OSX ( Windows coming Q4 , 2022 ), Patch App DX adds a full app version for iPad and a selective remote control for iPhone , allowing users to manage their Patch Series hardware while untethered from their workstations for the first time . Network integration within the Patch App ecosystem ensures any changes in routings , presets , or settings are instantaneously reflected across all a user ’ s devices .
For more information , contact Flock Audio : info @ flockaudio . com , www . flockaudio . com .
Audient iD44 ( MKII )
Audient has released its next generation iD44 ( MKII ) desktop audio interface . The ADCs ’ THD + N figure sees a 9dB improvement , representing a significant step up in audio performance for the iD44 ( MKII ).
The iD44 ( MKII ) now also benefits from the addition of Audio Loop-back , so users have the ability to capture playback from multiple applications on the computer at the same time as the microphones , making it work for content creators , podcasters , and streamers . The incorporation of a dual headphone amp , including both a 1 / 4-in . jack and a mini jack , means three sets of headphones can be plugged in at once , as well as the makeover of the unit ’ s all-metal aesthetic , complete the key upgrades .
For more information , contact Erikson Pro : 514-457-2555 , info @ eriksonpro . com , www . eriksonpro . com .