Professional Sound - August 2022 - Page 48


DPA 4055 Kick Drum Microphone
DPA Microphones has introduced the 4055 , a specialized kick drum microphone for the low-frequency , high-SPL instrument . Different from traditional kick drum mics , this new addition to DPA ’ s product lineup is not pre-tailored to any specific sound , allowing sound engineers to shape the sound as desired . The mic has been tested to perform in a variety of applications and across most genres . It is built to withstand the rigors of life on the road and for studio use .
With an intentional use for kick drum-specific applications , the 4055 delivers the usual DPA sound , picking up the true , clear sound of the instrument . The mic also offers a linear frequency response , both on and off axis , which results in a very tight , natural , well-defined sound . The low end is punchier and dials in the right setting for the beater , while removing some of the mid-range is made easier , according to the company .
The mic ’ s asymmetric design makes it easy to position when slid into any size drum without risking a tear in the drum skin . It can also be placed both inside or outside the kick drum . Additionally , the 4055 has a large housing and ample wind damping foam , positioned in front of the capsule behind the grille , to deal with turbulence in front of the drum holes .
For more information , contact GerrAudio Distribution : 613-342-6999 , sales @ gerr . com , www . gerr . com .
TOA Canada MW-41BT Audio Interface
TOA Canada has announced the release of the second-generation audio interface , called the MW-41BT . Clients will have the ability to select audio sources and make adjustments on the fly more quickly and easily . With the assistance of the feedback received from clients , the product development group constructed the MW-41BT audio interface . Along with its modern and lustrous construction , the two principal enhancements were adding a USB and Bluetooth input .
Another new aspect of the interface is that the microphone takes highest priority over all other inputs . This means if an audio source is on and the microphone is activated , the active source will be ducked by 20dB . The interface has an updated look and feel to it with blue LED to guide users through the selection of sources . To protect the sensitive panel , TOA Canada has designed lockboxes in which the panel can be placed to secure it from being meddled with . There are two options to choose from depending on the installation , surface , and flush mount . The lockboxes are sold separately .
For more information , contact TOA Canada Corporation : 800-263-7639 , sales @ toacanada . com , www . toacanada . com .
Tula Mic
Emerging audio brand Tula has unveiled its debut product , the Tula Mic . The pocket-sized mic was designed to provide today ’ s content creators and people working from home with a way of capturing studio-quality sound , without the studio . The Tula Mic is both a USB microphone and a mobile recorder and features noise reduction technology from Klevgrand , a Swedish software company .
Featuring USB-C , the Tula Mic works with computers , phones , or tablets as a USB microphone for podcasting , Zoom , YouTube , and more . With 8 GB of internal memory and a long-lasting battery , the Tula Mic is also a mobile recorder providing up to 12 hours of recording time in WAV format . Tula ’ s firmware engineer collaborated with Klevgrand to create an embedded version of their Brusfri noise reduction algorithm that aims to make an ordinary room sound like a recording studio with the touch of a button .
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