Professional Sound - August 2022 - Page 47

Pioneer DJ DM Series Desktop Monitors
Pioneer DJ , part of the AlphaTheta Corporation , has announced a host of new models in the DM Series of desktop monitor systems . The new DM-50D-BT integrates Bluetooth functionality into the DM-50D speakers , which were released in late 2021 . Pioneer DJ ’ s DM-40 models also received an upgrade to help deliver a more optimal listening experience . The updated speakers offer Bluetooth connection capability and system upgrades to the compact DM-40 models for DJs and producers . All models are available in black or white and sold in pairs .
The speakers are designed to be easy to set up , tune , and use . With the speakers ’ Production Mode , by flicking a switch , the speakers ’ DSP settings will automatically adjust to create the best sound for each application . Artists can connect their DJ setup or home studio to the RCA and mini-jack input terminals on the DM Series speakers . The DM-50D-BT and DM-50D also have a TRS input , and the speakers ’ Bluetooth models enable artists to connect mobile devices for cable-free high-quality music playback wirelessly . The volume knob and headphones socket are on the front panel for quick connection and level control .
For more information , contact SFM : 800-363-8855 , info @ sfm . ca , www . sfm . ca .
RME 12Mic-D Preamplifier
RME has debuted the 12Mic-D ( Dante ) audio interface as the latest preamp to its Dante lineup . The new iteration incorporates a custom-built , RME-designed FPGA platform utilizing Audinate ’ s Dante IP Core . This solution circumvents current and future chip shortages by eliminating the need for an Audinate Dante chip , assuring consistent production of the product .
The 12Mic-D is a digitally controlled 12-channel mic preamp with no compromise AD-DA conversion as well as high channel density audio format conversion between analog , MADI , Dante , and ADAT . It offers 64x64 Dante I / O , 128x128 MADI I / O , 24 outputs of ADAT , and a user-assignable headphone monitoring output . Unlike the older 12MIC introduced in 2020 , the new 12MIC-D does not support AVB .
The 12Mic-D is RME ’ s response to the demand of users who wanted to integrate the 12Mic into existing Dante systems . Visually , the 12Mic- D is almost identical to the 12Mic ( 128 AVB channels ), with 12 analog XLR inputs , with up to 75dB gain and a signal-to-noise ratio of over 120 dB ( A ) after AD conversion .
For more information , contact GerrAudio Distribution : 613-342-6999 , sales @ gerr . com , www . gerr . com .
Alcons Audio LR7 / 90 Micro Line-Array Module
Alcons Audio has introduced the LR7 / 90 , a passive two-way “ micro-sized ” line-array sound system , to be used as vertical array , either in stacked or flown configuration , for both portable and permanent installations .
Loaded with the RBN401 pro-ribbon driver on a “ Morpher ” lens ( up to 94 % frontal radiation ), the system offers a very high throw efficiency and projection control up to directly under the array , due to the pro-ribbon ’ s all-natural cylindrical ( Isophasic ) wavefront . Its transient response and unusual high peak power handling ( 800W @ 200ms ) are catered for intelligibility from the lowest to the highest SPL with a 1:15 dynamic range , while offering maximum gain-before-feedback .
The system features a patented horizontal dispersion available in 90- and 120-degree configuration . The micro-compact size , combined with the weight-saving all-neodymium drivers , makes the system very easy to handle in a wide variety of configurations . This includes as a stacked or flown line-array , or with three or five modules as “ speaker-on-a-stick .” In applications where extended bass response is required , the LR7 can be combined with the LR7B line-array bass module and / or a stacked subwoofer system .
For more information , contact Alcons Audio USA : 949-439-8203 , info @ alconsaudio . us , www . alconsaudio . com .