Professional Sound - August 2022 - Page 46


Crest Audio PCX Series Digital Audio Matrix Processors
Crest Audio has introduced the PCX Series of digital matrix speaker management processors . Each of the three units in the PCX Series features input / outputs that can be routed in multiple configurations to meet a variety of requirements .
The three PCX Series units are distinguished primarily by their input / output configurations . The PCX 260 offers two XLR inputs and six XLR outputs ; the PCX 480 offers four / eight XLR I / Os ; and the PCX 88 offers eight / eight . Notably , on the PCX 88 , an additional eight digital input channels and eight digital output channels , all independently assigned , are available over Ethernet with the optional Dante network audio card . On each PCX Series processor , the crossover filters are fully adjustable , and any input can be routed to any output via the digital matrix system , allowing for any speaker management cabinet configuration .
The front panel of the PCX 260 offers local configuration and control via a front-panel LCD display , rotary encoder , and dedicated function buttons . Alternatively , an RJ-45 Ethernet port , located at the back panel , allows for a higher-resolution graphical user interface configuration . PCX Series processors can be controlled in real time on the front panel or with the intuitive PCX Editor Software via back-panel Ethernet or front-panel USB interface . Serial control is possible via RS 232 and RS 485 . A security lock feature is included .
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Waves Audio CA3000-MX Commercial Audio Mixer
Waves Audio has expanded its Commercial Audio line with the introduction of the CA3000-MX commercial audio mixer . The new install-ready audio mixer and processing engine delivers sound for a wide range of single-room and multi-zone AV installations . The CA3000-MX offers built-in processing capabilities that can upgrade the sound of any installed audio system and also offers the option to expand processing by adding plug-ins from Waves ’ catalog . The CA3000-MX system is compatible with standard ASIO audio or Dante network configurations .
Integration and setup of the system is made to be simple . The CA3000-MX integrates with standard ASIO audio device drivers , or with Dante Virtual Soundcard ( DVS ) audio networking . Users can add any desired Waves plug-ins to the CA3000-MX to customize the processing to their specific needs . Waves offers a selection of audio processing plug-ins to address issues with feedback suppression , dynamics control , source leveling , noise reduction , acoustic response , broadcast streaming optimization , and more .
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ASI Audio 3DME Gen2 Active Ambient Monitoring System
ASI Audio and Sensaphonics have launched of the 3DME Gen2 Active Ambient Monitoring System , which features ASI Audio App and belt pack enhancements to expand the system feature set along with extended battery life . The core remains the 3DME system ’ s application of patented Active Ambient technology to give users a high-fidelity in-ear monitor mix with natural room sound from their bandmates and the audience .
With a commitment to listening safety and hearing health , several new options are designed to accommodate listener comfort . The internal limiter ’ s lowest Limiter Threshold setting is now stretched down from 84 dB-SPL to 76 dB-SPL for those with especially sensitive hearing , along with subtle improvements in the attack characteristic of the limiter and the linearity of extremely high frequencies . The selectable Start-Up Squeal Suppressor ( formerly called the Safety Limiter ) eliminates the rare , unharmful feedback squeal that was possible when a user covered the ambient microphone with their finger while inserting the earpieces with the system powered . Similarly , turn-on and turn-off “ thumps ” heard when powering the system with earpieces inserted are now greatly reduced . For musicians and other end users who can hear very little in one ear – single-sided deafness ( SSD ) or unilateral hearing loss , which creates a head shadowing effect that negatively impacts clarity and timing – the CROS ( Crosslateral Routing of Signal ) option restores intelligibility by combining the binaural signals and removing all sound to the impaired ear .
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