Professional Sound - August 2022 - Page 45

Roland SR-20 HD Direct Streaming AV Mixer
Roland has announced the SR-20HD Direct Streaming AV Mixer , a portable audio / video switcher that makes it possible to deploy livestreaming in a business or organization with minimal training . It combines a video switcher , audio mixer , preview screen , recorder / player , and streaming encoder in one unit , simplifying the process and reducing user pain points . Presenters can stream directly to YouTube Live , Facebook , Twitch , or by RTMP to a CDN without the need for a computer , removing the risk of malware and other issues arising with computer-based streaming on enterprise networks .
Made with Roland A / V technologies , the SR-20HD has automatic functions that run in the background to eliminate dropped streams and help protect organizations from broadcasting inappropriate content . The Adaptive Bitrate function monitors the network connection and automatically adjusts the streaming rate to reduce interruptions due to bandwidth issues . A mobile phone with a 4G or 5G data plan can be tethered and used as the primary streaming connection or a redundant backup . The Safety Delay function buffers up to 60 seconds of video and audio , allowing users to switch to a still image or mute the sound if anything goes wrong . For more information , contact Roland Pro AV Canada : 604-270-6626 , rcm . proav . info @ roland . com , proav . roland . com . .
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