Professional Sound - August 2022 | Page 54


PMC PMC6 , PMC6-2 & PMC8-2 Monitors
PMC has released the PMC6 , PMC6-2 , and PMC8-2 studio monitors , along with their associated subwoofers , the PMC8 Sub and PMC8-2 Sub .
Five years of development has culminated in the new speakers and subs . These monitors , which replace the company ’ s existing two series , have the same sound signature as PMC ’ s main monitor products , such as the QB1 , BB6 , MB3 and IB2 models . Among the innovations PMC has incorporated into this range are all-new drivers , modern DSP , and Class-D amplifiers , as well as significant improvements to the company ’ s proprietary ATL bass-loading and Laminair air flow technologies . The monitors can be used as standalone products or can be part of a scalable systems that grow to suit the end user ’ s exact requirements . Configuration can be done via simple menu-driven controls on the rearpanel , or through PMC ’ s intuitive Soundalign network interface , which is accessed through wired connections to any standard network via any web browser on a PC , Mac , or tablet .
For More information , contact Systemes Guinois : 514-931- 2000 , info @ systemesguinois . com , www . systemesguinois . com .
Audio-Technica 3000 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor System
Audio-Technica has launched the ATW-3255 3000 Series wireless in-ear monitor system ( ATW-3255 ), which is designed to bring professional sound quality and features to all levels of performers and performance venues . It ’ s designed for use by musicians , system integrators , housesof-worship technical personnel , and owners of live performance venues . The in-ear monitor system is easy to use and delivers high-quality sound with dependable RF across more than three times the tuning band width of previous models .
With design elements modeled after A-T ’ s 3000 Series UHF wireless microphone systems , the 3000 Series IEM system features a rackmount transmitter with front-panel controls and large OLED display , compact body-pack receiver , and ATH-E40 professional in-ear monitor headphones . The body-pack receiver ’ s efficient headphone amp and the ATH-E40 headphone ’ s proprietary dual-phase push-pull drivers combine , aiming to provide clear , natural sound quality on any stage .
For more information , contact Audio-Technica Canada : 450-506-0245 , info @ audio-technica . ca , www . audio-technica . ca .