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Studio Technologies Model 354 Talk Station
Studio Technologies has introduced the Model 354 Talk Station . The unit is designed for use in a variety of permanent installation and live-event settings , supporting applications including voice paging , music , audio-file playback , intercom , and broadcast talent cueing . The desktop unit is Dante-compatible and uses Power-over-Ethernet ( PoE ) technology . AES67-compliant , the unit also supports Audinate ’ s Dante Domain Manager ( DDM ) software application .
The Model 354 is housed in a rugged , table-top enclosure that supports four independent “ talk ” channels . Only a gooseneck microphone and a PoE Ethernet connection are needed for the unit to become part of a networked application . To achieve clear voice audio quality , Studio Technologies offers the compatible GME-3-12 Gooseneck Microphone . The Model 354 also incorporates a monitor section , allowing the four Dante input channels to be routed as desired to an interconnected amplifier or amplified speaker .
Using a standard USB flash drive , two 40-second audio files can be imported and stored in the Model 354 ’ s non-volatile memory . The audio files are typically used as “ pre-page ” audio signals , supplying the sound of bells or chimes , electronic audio sequences , or voice messages , prior to the gooseneck microphone becoming active . The files follow the common 16-bit monaural WAV format and can be created outside of the Model 354 and then easily imported for use .
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Austrian Audio OD303 Dynamic Vocal Mic
Austrian Audio has announced the OD303 , a new dynamic vocal microphone that allows singers and performers to get good quality at an affordable price . With its rugged construction , the OD303 will withstand daily use in the rehearsal room and the wear and tear of the road . The microphone is also designed to fit comfortably in the hand .
The OD303 also incorporates the Open Acoustic technology of Austrian Audio , which delivers an optimally shaped supercardioid polar pattern across a wide frequency band and with increased feedback stability . Sound engineers can appreciate minimum changes in the sound and without increased feedback ; due to the open design , there are only minimal changes in sound and feedback behavior when holding the mic close to the head grille . In addition , the proprietary 3D Pop Noise Diffuser , developed by Austrian Audio , reduces noise caused by plosive sounds such as “ T ” and “ P ”.
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