Professional Sound - August 2017 | Page 48

One Systems Silver Series Direct Weather Loudspeakers
One Systems has introduced its Silver Series Direct Weather loudspeakers designed for inland direct weather and general-purpose environments . The series currently consists of the 104 / STH , 106 / STH , and 108 / STC . The compact 104 / STH is a two-way design featuring a 4.5-in . woofer and delivers 40 W of continuous power handling . The 106 / STH two-way system utilizes neodymium components and produces 80 W from a small footprint . The 108 / STC has an 8-in . coaxial design and delivers 150 W continuous power .
The Silver Series is designed to complement the One Systems Platinum Hybrid loudspeakers . Silver Series loudspeakers feature IEC 529 IP 56 ingress protection , with the 108 / STC providing an IP-45 design that is also configurable to IP-56 .
The loudspeakers utilize stainless steel for all rigging points used in conjunction with One Systems optional pole mount brackets or pan / tilt brackets . For more information , contact Erikson Commercial : 877-374-5266 , FAX 888-918-2244 , info @ eriksoncommercial . com , www . eriksoncommercial . com .
Yamaha VXL1 Series Column Array Speakers
Yamaha has introduced the VXL1 Series of slim column array speaker systems , which , along with a comprehensive set of installation accessories , join the Yamaha Commercial Audio Solutions ( CIS ) product line .
The VXL1 Series is compact and capable of delivering high sound quality in small commercial spaces such as retail stores and malls , corporate offices , educational institutions , and other areas . The series can provide flexible coverage adjustments . Units can connect vertically for deeper coverage , and side by side to tighten horizontal dispersion . The VXL1-8 covers 40 degrees in the vertical plane while the VXL1-16 and VXL1-24 models can be switched between 20 and 30 degrees of vertical coverage by way of one switch on the rear of the speaker .
The lineup includes six models of different sizes and colours , plus options that allow flexible set-up in a wide range of environments . Its slim design is meant to blend with interior décor without disrupting the visual appeal of any space .
For more information , contact Yamaha Professional Audio : 714-522-9011 , FAX 714-522-9334 , info @ yamaha . com , www . yamahaca . com .
Softube Tape Plug-In
Plug-in specialist Softube has released the Tape plug-in , which models three types of reel-to-reel tape machines with distinctly different sound characteristics .
Softube ’ s Tape displays three distinctly different tape machine characteristics in one plug-in : Type A is based on a classic Swiss high-end reel-to-reel design , generally known for its precision and linearity ; Type B is a more colourful transformer-based machine that adds weight and creaminess to the low end ; and Type C is based on a British tape machine with a vintage vibe . Users select a tape machine type , then adjust the associated amount of control to add colour to taste . There are also included presets from award-winning engineers , such as Joe Chiccarelli ( The Strokes , U2 ) and Howard Willing ( Sheryl Crow , Smashing Pumpkins ).
For more information , contact HHB Canada : 416-867-9000 , FAX 416-867-1080 , sales @ hhbcanada . com , www . hhbcanada . com .