Professional Sound - August 2017 | Page 46

PRODUCTS Midas Parametric Equaliser 512 Midas has released the Parametric Equaliser 512, a compact 500 Series four-band fully parametric equalizer based on the channel strip originally provided in the Midas Heritage 3000 mixing console. A parametric equalizer allows the operator to address multiple parameters with precision when applying filters to an audio signal. A specific frequency can be cut or boosted by an exact amount across an adjustable bandwidth, enabling fine tuning of the filter to reduce the gain at frequencies that are prone to feedback or remove undesirable tonal qualities and their overtones. Conversely, the ability to boost the gain at certain frequencies provides the ideal way to add punch to bass and kick drum signals or add presence to vocal or solo instrument tonalities. The Parametric Equaliser 512 utilizes four overlapping frequency bands to finely craft professional-grade output signals, both in the studio and during live performance. For more information, contact AVL Media Group: 514-400-0110, FAX 514-457-0575, [email protected], Dynacord C Series Power Amplifiers Dynacord has released the C Series of dual-channel power amplifiers. A new easy-to-use software tool allows full configuration, control, and supervision of sound systems with multiple amplifiers. The C Series power amplifiers are designed for permanent installation applications to provide background or live music in venues such as bars, churches, restaurants, sports facilities, and performing arts centres. The C Series is also suitable for direct drive applications with 70-V/100-V speaker lines, providing flex- ibility for a variety of install scenarios. In addition, the amplifiers feature Euroblock connectors for convenient wiring, remote power-on delay, and general purpose I/O to interface with third-party controls. The efficient standby power mode reduces power consumption by up to 90 per cent. For more information, contact Bosch Communications Systems: 800-392-3497, [email protected], Arturia AudioFuse Interface Arturia has released the AudioFuse interface, designed for studio-quality recording on the go. The AudioFuse features four analog outputs, four analog inputs, two RIAA phono preamps for turntables, two mic preamps, and MIDI. There is also direct monitoring, separate master/monitor mix channels, and a host of sync and digital options. Also included are detailed metering, talkback for instant communication with talent in the next room, inserts to add professional effects processing to the recording chain, A/B monitor switching, and direct access to essential features. For more information, contact Korg Canada: 514-457-2555, FAX 514-457-0055, 46 PROFESSIONAL SOUND