Professional Sound - April 2023 - Page 50


Key Digital Control Systems & Selection Guide Updates
With updates to the capabilities of Key Digital ( KD )’ s control options , KD has updated its Control Systems & Selection Guide to simplify the selection process . As all the hardware performance in the world isn ’ t much good without effective management of sources , destinations and operational parameters , Key Digital also offers control options that make their gear easy to configure and operate . Following recent updates to the capabilities of these control options , Key Digital has applied its user-focused philosophy to its Control Systems & Selection Guide to simplify the process of choosing the control methodologies best suited to a given location .
KD-App for iPad and iPhone , which has a built-in demo mode for experimentation and customer test drives , is available for free download from the Apple App Store . Key Digital gear can also be similarly controlled via the also free KDMS Pro for Windows computers . Key Digital offers a second iOS app , Compass Control Pro , which instantly integrates with third-party components from Compass Alliance™ Partners to create a plug-and-play system for fully unified control of disparate devices within an entire AV system and beyond .
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Wisycom MTK982 IEM / IFB Transmitter
Wisycom has announced the introduction of the MTK982 , a new dual-wideband , stereo IEM / IFB transmitter capable of generating multiple types of RF modulations for use in a variety of live event productions . In addition to its wideband RF functionality , the transmitter incorporates integrated low-energy , long-range Bluetooth remote-control capability , and has Stationary Wave Ratio ( SWR ) sensing on its antenna outputs . The 470 to 663 MHz frequency range in North America ( 470-770 MHz Europe ), in conjunction with the BFLT1 transmitter and BFLR1 receiver , enables the MTK982 to transmit signals over fiber to a remote area , with states low latency . Further , the MTK982 can be remotely controlled and monitored using Wisycom Manager software .
The MTK982 also works with DIGICOM multi-brand compatibility software , which makes it possible for users to integrate the transmitter with a variety of third-party receivers . And , the transmitter also has stereo , mono and intercom audio modulation , along with an optional redundant power supply and an output power of up to two watts . Also onboard are multi-companding DSP audio processing , analog and digital AES3 inputs , and primary / secondary outputs for distributed applications .
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Royer Labs R-10 “ Hot Rod ” 25 th Anniversary Microphone
Royer Labs has announced the introduction of the R-10 “ Hot Rod ” 25 th Anniversary microphone , a new passive mono ribbon design for use in both studio and live applications . The limited-edition R-10 “ Hot Rod ” is fitted with a custom Anniversary Edition transformer and is stated to provide 5 dB “ hotter ” output than the standard R-10 with a punchier , more open sound characteristic . It comes with a 25 th Anniversary trim package .
Like the original R-10 , the R-10 Hot Rod is designed to handles high SPL ( 160 dB @ 1 kHz ), has an internally shockmounted ribbon transducer and three-layer wind screen system that combine to give the ribbon element protection ( making it their best choice for live work ). It is also designed to provide lowered proximity effect for close miking applications . It carries a five-year warranty with the first re-ribbon free , and is hand-built in the company ’ s Burbank , CA facility .
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