Professional Sound - April 2023 - Page 37

and exhibitors . And you don ’ t have a chance to do that if you don ’ t have a chance to travel to another country this year , so why not take advantage of the fact that the show is in Canada , and especially if you ’ re Canadian , and you can take a few days off , to travel to Montreal to come down and see what ’ s happening . There ’ s always something to do . And I think it ’ s just a great showcase . It ’ s a great place to showcase and to offer a stage for that type of connection . It ’ s important to see again , the exhibitors , the people who work in technology , and talk with clients . It ’ s a great get-together for all , so if you ’ ve ever attended , you ’ ll see . Afterwards you feel reenergized in a sense of having that opportunity and this experience . And it is it is in Montreal , which is a great city . I think it ’ s a worthwhile time for all to be there . For the Canadian people , for members across Canada , and even for those who are in the United States who want to come up to Canada , especially on the East Coast , an opportunity for them also to discover and experience all that technology , if people don ’ t have the chance to go elsewhere . I think people should at least try to experience this here in Quebec , in Montreal .
It still remains important for us to continue to have an excellent opportunity for people in Canada . I think that ’ s the focus . That ’ s the goal of it . Because it ’ s a service we ’ re doing to all the industry by having a show of this nature in Canada . I think that ’ s the message I want to convey . The pandemic has had an impact on the industry , and now we ’ re starting back again , so we have to be cautious and do it in a very organic way . But the show will continue to go on and move on . The show has continued to grow , but it got tough . And I think that hit was just overwhelming , but I ’ m very confident . We ’ re all very invested in this show that we have because it has a very positive impact on the industry in Canada . And that ’ s what we want to continue . So , it has that impact to the Canadian market and people in Canada , serving them mostly .
It ’ s a very professional show . It ’ s a show of highest quality . Our exhibitors and members , they make the show by what they bring and the way they set up their spaces . That is the experience and I ’ m overwhelmed every year . I find out about something new , and we take it to heart and that that is what I appreciate . A lot of the exhibitors are based in Quebec , or in the Montreal area , or Toronto , so they ’ re close to the space and it allows them to be creative in presenting their equipment . And that allows for extremely quality exchanges between people . I ’ m very grateful for the work that the exhibitors do at the show . They really make the show .
To see a full list of this year ’ s exhibitors and to find out visitor information and more , go to www . citt . org / ExpoScene . html .
Manus Hopkins is the Assistant Editor of Professional Sound . He can be reached at mhopkins @ nwcworld . com .