Professional Sound - April 2023 - Page 36

people they do business with in within Canada , because many of them do not travel abroad to go see other shows that are available . And it ’ s a one-stop space where you can meet in two days .
I ’ d like to mention the fact that attending a show , whether it ’ s a trade show or any kind of show , has always been , in my opinion , the best form of professional development when you ’ re a professional in this industry . You have to know what ’ s the new tech , where are the new tendencies , what are the new things coming out . You need to network with other exhibitors , so that you have a connection , and you can learn more about it . For me , it has a more organic feel to it .
PS : Are you able to talk about any of the ideas swirling around or being planned for next year and other future years ?
Corbeil : Some of the ideas we want to bring back actually are ideas that we ’ ve had in the past . I ’ m thinking about professional development opportunities , like training opportunities for the people because that is something that visitors do ask us about and again this year , we ’ ve decided to put a hiatus on that just because of logistic reasons and getting all the logistics cleared for that . Next year we ’ re working into reinstating hands-on training during the show or prior to the show like we have in the past . That is one thing so we ’ ll be looking into , what the needs will be for that part . We also want to start working on creating activities surrounding the event . For example , we did a tour last year at the Palais des congrès in Montreal . Those coming to see the show will have other opportunities to experience other activities surrounding the events that happened before or after or even during the show .
There ’ s really only two days so it ’ s not a full week of events like you ’ ll see at other types of shows . And we ’ ll continue to work and see how we can enhance the experience for them as exhibitors and users . We want to be able to continue to provide that experience to the people . We greatly appreciate how it is a not-for-profit organization with members , and the corporate members that we have are also exhibiting , most of them . Their support towards the organization is essential and is deeply appreciated . It ’ s a continuing partnership between the exhibitor and us in CITT .
PS : To sum it up , why would you encourage people to come and check out the show this year ?
Corbeil : Because there ’ s always new stuff to see , new people to meet , and particular advantages if you can make it out . First of all , there ’ s no cost to attend the show . The show is absolutely free for all our visitors . It is an industry show , so it ’ s not open to the general public , of course , but it ’ s a great opportunity to meet with other colleagues working with industry , to check out the latest equipment and technology , and to work with the suppliers