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R . I . P . Veteran Sound Mixer Jon Erickson
Veteran Sound Mixer Jon Erickson has finally lost his long battle with cancer . Erickson was one of the top sound mixers in Canada . He started mixing bands in and around Calgary in 1972 and came to Toronto the following year with a band called Trina , touring around Ontario for six months , opening some dates for Max Webster . At the time , Kim Mitchell and his band were looking for a new sound person and approached Erickson with the job .
Erickson then spent five years on the road with Max Webster , who were signed to the same label as Rush , and opened many concerts for them . Rush admired Jon ’ s work , hired him on as their FOH mixer , and he toured the world with them from 1980-89 . By that time , Erickson was starting a family , so he left the road to stay around Toronto , working at Kingswood Music Theatre and Comfort Sound from 1989-1993 . He bought into a PA company called Bandaid and ran that for three years . Bandaid was sold to Jason Sound in 1999 , which at the time was the largest PA company in Canada . Erickson was the general manager for Jason / Westsun for seven years until it was purchased by Metalworks Productions , who kept Jon as head of audio . He was also Bruce Cockburn ’ s tour manager and soundman for many years and spent most of 2018 on the road mixing Steely Dan , the ultimate gig for a live sound mixer .
Meyer Sound Promotes Amy Luley to Director of Global Sales Operations
Meyer Sound has promoted Amy Luley to the position of Director of Global Sales Operations . In her new capacity , Luley will assume responsibility for overseeing and coordinating operational activities of the Meyer Sound sales teams both in the United States and internationally .
Luley was promoted to the new position based on the extraordinary sales success achieved in her prior position as Director of U . S . Sales Operations . She will continue in that role , but now in addition to Meyer Sound ’ s team of sales managers in the United States , her responsibilities have been extended to include supporting the operational activities of Director of International Sales Scott Gledhill ( Asia Pacific ), Meyer Sound Europe Managing Director Wolfgang Leute ( sales for Europe , Middle East , and Africa ), and Director , Latin America Operations Jocelyn Moras . She will continue to report to Senior Vice President John McMahon .
Luley joined Meyer Sound in 2014 . Luley was principally responsible for introducing the Salesforce platform and leveraging its power to boost the efficiency and productivity of the company ’ s sales efforts . For more information , visit meyersound . com .

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