Professional Sound - April 2023 | Page 62



To support the music and arts programs at the Bilingual Canadian International School ( BCIS ), AV integrator PGI and HARMAN Professional Solutions equipped the campus with a JBL Professional EON ONE MK2 battery-powered column speakers .
Founded in 2009 , BCIS was the first international school in Vietnam to use a Canadian-based curriculum and has since built a reputation of strong academic excellence . Learning in both English and Vietnamese , the school ’ s 1,500 students enjoy a conducive environment for learning , critical thinking and collaboration supported by the latest classroom technology . To reinforce strong communication and creativity for the music and arts program , the school required a dynamic and easy-to-use sound solution that accommodated students and teacher ’ s various needs . PGI met these requests with a solution that included JBL EON ONE MK2 column speakers , a powerful all-in-one PA system suited for a wide range of uses .
The Village Community Presbyterian Church , founded in 1956 in Rancho Santa Fe , CA , serves thousands of worshipers throughout San Diego . Sound Image Integration ( San Diego ) recently installed a d & b audiotechnik Soundscape system with En-Scene object-based mixing . The church ’ s traditional service utilizes a variety of instrumental and vocal musicians . The choir can range from 15-150 + members depending on the service . They also use chamber and full orchestras , brass ensembles , hand-bell ensembles , real pipe organ , concert grand piano , and other acoustic instruments . The contemporary worship band is typically a core group of an acoustic guitar , electric guitar , bass , keyboards / piano , electric drums , lead vocals , and multiple backup vocals . The San Diego Symphony and other professional classical and jazz ensembles also regularly hold concerts in the sanctuary . d & b Soundscape enables further connection between the stage and the congregation , creating a more intimate experience . While Soundscape systems typically require more loudspeaker positions than a traditional PA setup , the loudspeakers can often be smaller cabinets at each position , improving sightlines or even tucked away out of sight . Since both level and delay processing are independently utilized per loudspeaker position in real time , multiple loudspeakers are producing sound simultaneously to create accurate localization no matter where a listener is seated .
When choosing the monitoring system for his new , Atmos dub stage in Los Angeles , Fred Paragano set forth two main criteria . First , since the home-based studio would be for his own exclusive use as a Supervising Sound Editor & ReRecording Mixer , the loudspeakers had to satisfy his personal preferences for accuracy and musicality . Because many of his projects — feature films in particular — would be completed at various commercial dubbing stages , it was also critical that his pre-mixes translate seamlessly to different systems in larger rooms . On both counts , says Paragano , the Meyer Sound Bluehorn System full bandwidth studio monitors have proven to be the ideal solution .
In the early months of the pandemic , Paragano decided to invest in a world-class studio for his own use – a room that would work for anything from stereo music to full commercial cinema Atmos immersive mixes . Two spare bedrooms were gutted to open space for a main mixing room 21 feet long by 15 feet wide . The studio design was entrusted to the esteemed Russ Berger , who had designed Paragano ’ s widely heralded Nashville facility .
RF Venue ’ s new Diversity Architectural Antenna offers a unique benefit : its sleek , low-profile design and ability to fit snugly beneath a polycarbonate protective cover make it safe and secure against errant basketballs in the gym at the Lumberton Early Childhood Center in Lumberton , TX .
Featuring a slim profile enclosure , the Diversity Architectural Antenna can be installed in any position on a wall or ceiling and can be painted to match any interior for near invisibility . And using its unique patentpending dual-feed antenna design , both A and B diversity connections are provided , so there ’ s no need to install two separately spaced antennas , resulting in a more professional look that room designers and architects appreciate . In the band and choir halls , soundproofing on the walls made those locations unusable , but the D-Arc had no problem being installed in the rooms ’ ceiling . In the gym , the D-Arc is easily attached to a cinderblock wall .