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Crest Audio Stage 2x2D Direct Injection Network Audio Interface
Peavey Commercial Audio has unveiled the new Crest Audio Stage 2x2D Direct Injection Network Audio Interface . The Stage 2x2D is a feature-rich DI box , PoE – Dante / AES67 capable pro-audio A-D / D-A interface that ’ s powered up for virtually any performance challenge . Designed with future proof network audio streaming connectivity and supporting high-quality , low-noise extended dynamic range microphone , Line level and Hi-Z instrument pre-amplifiers , the Stage 2x2D is a suitable solution delivering audio signals without compromise , transient audio loss or acoustic artefacts .
The Stage 2x2D delivers a 1mΩ Hi-Z / instrument input that ’ s ideally suited for classic guitar pickups . When the signal goes out , the Inputs , Mic / Line , or Hi-Z are converted from analog to digital and routed as a Dante or AES67 network audio stream , with two “ Network Return ” channels available as line level outputs .
For more information , contact Techni + Contact Canada Ltd .: 514-695-4883 , FAX 514-695-5243 , info @ technicontact . com , www . technicontact . com .
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