Professional Sound - April 2023 | Page 51

ATC SCM25 Pro Mk2 Studio Monitor
ATC has announced the SCM25 Pro Mk2 studio monitor , an upgraded version of the company ’ s SCM25A Pro that includes a new hand-built SH25-765 dual-suspension , high-frequency tweeter . The SH25-76S highfrequency driver employs both an upper and lower suspension to better support and control the coil and dome motion . This is designed to provide a narrower magnetic gap , resulting in higher magnetic flux which , in turn , extends the high frequency response and reduces third harmonic distortion . The sound of the Mk2 is very similar to the original , but with improved high-frequency performance due to lower distortion compared the original .
The mid-band is still handled by the ATC-built , three-inch ( 75 mm ) soft-dome mid-range . Supporting the mid- and high-frequency elements is a 6.5-inch ( 164 mm ) proprietary bass driver with a carbon loaded paper cone . The driver motor employs a short coil , operating in a long magnetic gap , helping to minimize distortion generated by drive force modulation . The tri-amplified class AB MOSFET amp pack is stated to provide 235 watts of clean power and with low levels of noise . Drive unit integration is handled by three-way Linkwitz-Riley filter network , with the addition of two all-pass stages to optimize phase response through the crossover regions .
For more information , contact YSL Pro : 416-867-9000 , FAX 416-867-1080 , yslpro @ yorkville . com , www . yslpro . com .
Point Source Audio Series9 Sub-Miniature Microphone Collection
Point Source Audio has unveiled its new Series9 sub-miniature microphone collection for professional users . Available in a variety of formats , the microphones deliver a combination of high max SPL with high sensitivity . Despite the tiny form factor , the mics feature 142 dB max SPL along with a -39 dB mic sensitivity , ensuring it will deliver on every aspect of a performance with ease . This performance capability is matched by its practicality . Series9 has the added Endure connectors - with accelerated life testing to 12,000 bends - as a standard option to its long list of flagship features like the 360-degree bendable booms , 180-degree reversible earhooks , IP57 waterproof rating , and sanitization with 70 percent Isopropyl Alcohol .
Series9 comes in a variety of formats to meet day-to-day needs . Popular mic styles offered include the 3mm headset , 4mm lavalier and Point Source Audio ’ s patented Embrace on-ear design that combines micing speed , ease , and accuracy . The new mic collection is available in beige , brown , or black colours and in fixed terminations of TA4F , 3-pin Lemo-style , and 3.5mm locking ring .
For more information , contact Point Source Audio : 415-226-1122 , FAX 415-520-2110 , sales @ point-sourceaudio . com , www . point-sourceaudio . com .
Harman Professional AMX SVSI N2600 Series Encoders and Decoders
Harman Professional has announced its new AMX SVSI N2600 Series encoders and decoders . The Series combines affordability and versatility making it suitable for colleges and universities , corporate , casinos , hospitality , government or just about any streaming application . N2600 models feature a low-latency 4K60 4:4:4 MWC codec that is ‘ perfect for transmitting both live video and detailed content ’. They also feature transport of full-bandwidth USB 2.0 signals between encoders and decoders , video preview images viewable from the built-in web interface or from a touch panel , and enhanced support for high-security networks .
N2600 encoders and decoders are available in wallplate form-factors in both US and UK / EU styles . Wallplate Encoders include both an HDMI input and a USB-C input that supports both video and USB 2.0 .
For more information , visit pro . harman . com .