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DPA Microphones 2012 and 2015 Pencil Mics
DPA Microphones has unveiled its new compact 2012 Cardioid and 2015 Wide Cardioid Microphones . Featuring a reinforced construction to withstand the rigors of touring , the new mics join the brand ’ s line of pencil mics . Ideal for a variety of instruments , from loud and booming audio to gentle and elusive tones , the 2012 and 2015 mics aim to become trusted solutions for live sound professionals .
The 2012 Compact Cardioid Microphone acts as an all-around , generalist pencil mic that performs on any instrument . This mic combines a robust design with intricate sound pickup for accurate close miking on any stage setup . While the 2012 excels at single instrument pickup , the 2015 Compact Wide Cardioid Microphone performs best as a stereo pair on drum kits and instrument groups . Featuring uniform , wide cardioid directionality and a linear frequency response , a selected pair of 2015 mics offers spacious sound for horn groups , vibraphones , xylophones , and other large instruments . When closely positioned , the mics are also ideal for large grand pianos or for use as overheads for drum kits .
For more information , contact GerrAudio Distribution , Inc .: 613-342-6999 , sales @ gerr . com , www . gerr . com .
Juice Goose RP100-RX Power Distribution Conditioning Control
Juice Goose has announced its RP100-RX Power Distribution Conditioning Control with Juice Goose RX Series protection circuitry , which uses a proprietary hybrid circuit to limit AC surges to 10 volts between line and neutral and 0.50 volts ( 500 millivolts ) on the ground line . RX performance also includes bi-directional high frequency filtration that reduces EMI and RFI interference . In case of high voltage or facilities wiring fault , power throughput is interrupted .
The two function meter reports in easy-to-read LED numerals the status of your power supply and consumption . Toggle between volts and amps with a convenient push button on the front of the chassis . Voltage is measured to the nearest 0.10 VAC . Amperage is measured to the nearest 0.10 amperes in a range from 0.20A to 25.0A . One USB port is provided on the front and one on the back of the chassis . These five-volt DC connections are usable for LED lighting or powering accessories . Connect an inexpensive , flexible USB light fixture for lighting in the front or back of the rack . Both USB ports can also be used to charge accessories including an iPhone or iPad .
For more information , contact Juice Goose : 713-772-1404 , FAX 713-772-7360 , sales @ juicegoose . com , www . juicegoose . com .
VocoPro IEM-SEMINAR-8Wireless In-Ear Monitoring Package
For venues and companies who need a wireless in-ear monitoring system in true stereo , audio leader VocoPro today announced its new IEM-SEMINAR-8 package . The IEM-SEMINAR-8 broadcasts in true stereo , meaning two frequencies transmitting right and left side signals to unlimited stereo receivers , making it among the best-sounding wireless broadcast systems on the market .
The transmitter and receivers utilize the latest “ wireless on-chip ” digital technology so listeners can hear every nuance of detailed dialogue with precise , high , mid , and low frequencies . The product ’ s easy-to-use one-touch IR synchronization with a color display on the transmitter locks in the desired dual frequencies between the transmitter and receivers . Both the transmitter and the receivers are constructed inside a rugged metal housing to last for years . The receivers are compatible with any stereo headphones ( not included ). The system is rechargeable to be planet-friendly without the need for additional replacement battery costs .
For more information , visit www . vocopro . com .