Professional Sound - April 2023 | Page 42

sure that all the improvements we do with the projection and the sound are all behind the scenes and not something that you can visibly see ,” Brunet concludes . At some small point we did a renovation , and we had the discussion if we should put some type of stadium style type seating or even split the auditorium in two or , you know , other modernization , but we decided that the biggest charm of our theatre is that we are a nostalgic single screen neighborhood movie theatre the way it was over 50 years ago .”
• 3pc Acheron Studio screen channel loudspeakers
• 4pc X-800c subwoofers for LFE
• 2pc USW-210P subwoofers for Atmos bass management
• 28pc HMS-10 , 2pc HMS-12 Atmos surrounds powered by 5pc MPS-488HP remote power supplies
• 8 MM-4XP balcony fills powered by 1pc MPS-488HP remote power supply
• Barco SP4K 15C 4K laser projector
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