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Therio Innovation TIUL
Therio Innovation has introduced TIUL , an LED tile rigging system with a center hang design that reduces truss roll and ensures a solid and safe foundation for the rigging of LED video tiles . Using Therio ’ s patent pending sliding T Bar design , each hang point is capable of being moved to the exact location the header bar requires , both horizontally and vertically .
The most time‐consuming part of rigging video tiles is to properly hang the first row . The TIUL reduces the time required to rig an LED video wall . By substituting the company ’ s solid T Block design for the traditional span set , TIUL can achieve a more level and precise placement of each header bar and subsequent tile . The 1424 footprint allows for the connection to pre‐rigged lighting truss . The TIUL is fully compatible with Therio Innovation ’ s model TIPR as well as with many other brands . Therio Innovation offers a full complement of trussing models .
For more information , contact Therio Innovation : 888-366-2336 , info @ therioinnovation . com , www . therioinnovation . com .
Astera RuntimeExtender Battery Plate Accessory
Blizzard Hype 150
Blizzard has released the Hype 150 . It is small in size , yet features high output professional effects and eye-candy . Its brightness comes thanks to its 150W white LED source , and it offers a 16-degree beam angle with motorized focus designed to keep light shows looking sharp .
The Hype 150 offers a seven-colour and open colour wheel , and a split colour DMX channel for intense mid-air beam effects . Users can create gobo morphing animations simply by shifting the focus between its eight-times gobo static wheel , and its six-times gobo rotating wheel . For more information , contact AVL Media Group : 514-400-0110 , salesinfo @ avlmediagroup . com , www . avlmediagroup . com .
Astera has launched the RuntimeExtender , which is a “ battery plate ” accessory for lighting techs working with Astera ’ s wireless LED products in all sectors including live shows and events .
The RuntimeExtender is compatible with most Astera products – including the Titan , Helios and Hyperion Tubes , HydraPanel , PixelBrick , etc . – and allows connection to an external battery so spare camera batteries can be used to power the Astera units in situations where the internal batteries might run out . This could be on video shoots , live or streaming / hybrid events and conferences , and especially when some Astera fixtures might be positioned in inaccessible and challenging places . When the connected lights are running at low level or switched off , the internal battery will also be recharging from this connection , allowing batteries to be swapped during the shoot so the lights can be used indefinitely .
The most common camera batteries are currently the “ V-Mount battery ” and in some regions , the “ Gold Mount ” battery , so Astera RuntimeExtender is offered in two versions for customers to choose either of these two options .
For more information , contact Lumenayre Distribution : 844-995- 8636 , info @ lumenayre . com , www . lumenayre . com .
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