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Elation KL Panel XL LED Soft Light
Elation has released an XL version of its colour temperature-adjustable KL Panel , which is widely used by broadcast designers for soft light illumination . The XL version of the luminaire extends the size of the original while emitting nearly twice the power and offering multi-zone control for dynamic effects .
The KL Panel XL LED soft light delivers enhanced output , precise colour temperature control , full-spectrum colour rendering , and an even wash coverage . Optimized for the tunable white light requirements of film and television , it is an ideal soft light source for many situations requiring high-quality performance and colour quality . Using a highly-efficient 544W RGBW + Lime + Cyan LED array , the KL Panel XL produces soft white or full-colour washes up to 44,000 field lumens at a 100-degree half-peak angle . Colour reproduction is extremely accurate both to the eye and to the camera , according to the company , with a CRI of 95 while colour temperature is adjustable from 2,000 to 10,000K for a wide choice of variable colour or white shade projections . Additional colour tuning is possible through a green-shift adjustment and virtual gel library to more precisely match the white balance for the camera .
For more information , contact SFM : 514-780-2070 , info @ sfm . ca , www . sfm . ca .
Astera PixelBrick Multi-Purpose Light
Astera has released the PixelBrick multi-purpose light , which won a 2021 PLASA Award for Innovation .
The PixelBrick is designed for concerts , events , filming , or broadcast scenarios . It can also be utilized as a compact , lightweight ( 1.1 kg ), and convenient up-lighter or hung anywhere and become a universal light for accenting and texturing buildings or facades . For exterior use , its IP65 rating is resistant to rain and other elements . In addition to being a battery-powered uplight and PAR with five different beam options , multiple PixelBricks can be connected to form clusters and shapes .
The PixelBrick features seamless runtime , meaning users can set the length of their production and be sure that lights won`t run out while still getting the maximum brightness . Its individually-calibrated lights lead to 100 % colour consistency and exact colour reproduction of colour temperature and filter gels .
For more information , contact Lumenayre Distribution : 844-995- 8636 , info @ lumenayre . com , www . lumenayre . com .
Prolights Astra Wash7Pix LED Moving Wash Light
Prolights has released the Astra Wash7Pix , which is a compact and fast LED moving wash light . Despite its small size , it comes with an extensive feature set that can typically be found on bigger luminaires .
Based on a 40W Osram RGBW LED light source , the unit features an extremely high-efficiency optical system capable of zooming from 4 to 56 degrees , making it versatile for any application as a beam or wash light . The Astra Wash7Pix is single-pixel controllable , with multiple onboard FX , and allows access to a precise and advanced white and colour control , all through DMX , W-DMX , Art-Net , sACN , Kling-Net , and RDM .
For more information , contact A . C . Lighting : 416-255- 9494 , northamerica @ aclighting . com , www . aclighting . com .
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