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Luminex Araneo Software V1.3.0
Luminex has released its latest Araneo software ( release v1 . 3.0 ). In this version , one of the new features is the offline project mode that allows lows AVL professionals , designers , installers , and integrators to start preparing paring projects without having access to physical switches and edge devices .
AVL professionals depend on Araneo to monitor AVL networks equipped with GigaCore switches . This monitoring functionality has now been enhanced with revamped graphics , improved zoom and pan options , additional workflow enhancements for categorizing devices in zones , and importing and assigning pictures allowing the user to navigate and visualize the topology more efficiently . The offline planning-and-deploy feature set and a switch configuration toolset allow users to make configuration ion changes to the GigaCore switches from within Araneo .
The offline planning improves workflow as users can now design an entire GigaCore network from their desk , away from the installation , or make changes to an existing network when they ’ re in between the shows on the road and deploy the changes later when at the physical location of the switches . The project files can be saved , exported , and imported , starting from scratch or departing from an existing topology . GigaCore switches can be configured individually or together where the user has the freedom to select the application of the settings per switch , per group ( VLAN ), or per selection of ports . An On-Air button lets them confidently lock the layout and prevents making changes inadvertently while retaining all the monitoring info and logs .
For more information , contact A . C . ProMedia : 855-324-9354 , info @ acpromedia . com , www . acpromedia . com .
Christie M 4K25 RGB Pure Laser Projector
Christie has released the M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector , which it says is the smallest , lightest , and quietest all-in-one RGB pure laser projector on the market .
The new 25,000-lumen 4K UHD resolution M 4K25 RGB pure laser projector weighs in at 92 lbs . RGB pure laser technology delivers twice the colour of the original M Series for vibrant , bright images that approach Rec . 2020 colour volume , a colour standard closest to what the human eye can see .
With TruLife + electronics , all the needed connections are built-in , eliminating the need for optional input cards . TruLife + also features electronic colour convergence ( ECC ), which allows users to correct colour convergence imperfections and individually adjust red , green , and blue via remote . Christie ’ s intelligent lens system ( ILS1 ) makes swapping lenses easy for rental and staging , and offers motorized zoom , focus , and offset via remote . Existing Christie owners can use their M , J , and Crimson Series lenses , as well as the M Series rigging frame , with the M 4K25 RGB for added cost savings .
For more information , contact Christie : 519-744-8005 , www . christiedigital . com .
Ayrton Huracán LT Long Throw Fixture
Ayrton has released the Huracán LT , the latest in its range of long-throw fixtures designed specifically for stadiums and arenas .
The Huracán LT generates an ultra-intense beam with precision . It can project over extreme distances and a 225mm front lens forms part of the proprietary optical system of 13 lenses delivering a 15:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 3.5 to 53 degrees . A new , high-efficiency 1000W LED module delivers a light output of 51,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 6700K , with a CRI greater than 70 . A factory-equipped , removable high-transmission diffusion filter erases the edge of the beam without changing its angle , ensuring precision and accuracy even over very long throw distances .
The Huracán LT uses the same complex colour mixing system as the Huracán Profile ( launched in 2019 ), offering a double saturation level that can obtain over a billion colours . A triple variable colour temperature corrector ( CTB , CTO , and CTP ) allows subtle adjustment from 2700K to 15,000K and offers noticeable CRI improvement in excess of 70 . There is also a fixed colour wheel with six complementary colours .
For more information , contact ACT Entertainment : 416-907-6770 , sales @ actentertainment . com , www . actentertainment . com .
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