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Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 + MK2 Hardware
ArKaos Launches MediaMaster 6
ArKaos , an inMusic brand , has released MediaMaster 6 , which it says is the most significant features update in recent years for its MediaMaster real-time video control software platform .
This MediaMaster feature update provides a brand new , streamlined user interface , and also unlocks multiple new features and offers 50 % more performance , power , and speed compared to previous versions . The new Remote Player feature is a cue-based programming tool especially designed for those working on long-term and permanent installations and other fixed environment scenarios . Remote Player is a network-based media player allowing the control of multiple servers from a single point on the network . A central programming hub can control cue lists that can be allocated to one or more separate MediaMaster entities in the network . The cue lists can be triggered manually or run via external triggers .
MediaMaster 6 significantly expands the software control options . It brings compatibility with the popular Elgato Stream Deck and adds two new DMX fixture profiles – Layer Extended 2.0 and Layer Full 2.0 – which can control up to 112 DMX parameters per layer , available with the MediaMaster Pro licence . For full flexibility , MediaMaster 6 significantly increased the number of available layers . MediaMaster Express doubled from 12 to 24 layers while MediaMaster Pro provides 48 layers .
For more information , contact ArKaos : contact @ arkaos . net , pro . arkaos . com .
Green Hippo , the specialist manufacturer of the Hippotizer Media Server range , has announced the latest hardware version , Hippotizer V4 + MK2 . Delivering generational performance gains of up to 100 % and key new features , it provides an enhanced platform for creative video projects .
The Hippotizer V4 + MK2 includes five new hardware platforms , including the debut Hippotizer Mayon + MK2 ; these tour-ready and install-proof systems offer improved generative performance , 3D mapping , and visualization . With the ability to drive up to 32x 4K clips , the hardware is optimized for generative playback , smooth visualization , and up to 100 % improved performance without compromising control . Delivering on requested hardware features , V4 + MK2 is designed for new and emerging workflows that depend on flexibility , generative , and quality playback performance .
Offering industry standard DP1.2 or HDMI 2.0 outputs and HDMI 2.0 live capture , the V4 + MK2 integrates with existing and future 4K infrastructure .
For more information , contact Green Hippo US : 818-239-4778 , marketing @ green-hippo . com , www . green-hippo . com .
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