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DTS Lighting Tenore and Soprano
DTS Lighting has released the Tenore and Soprano , the results of a careful research and development work conducted over the past year by DTS . Their release aims to reflect the new way of doing business of the Italian company , giving priority to listening to the market and giving value to the Made in Italy brand .
These new fixtures enter the DTS portfolio renewing and completing the whole range of conventional spot and ellipsoidal projectors . The wide offer being launched on the market includes over 30 variations that guarantee maximum choice all-around any project . Engineered and developed in Italy , both series come in two different power rating and five source variants . As what regards the Tenore line , comprising spot / flood fixtures , all projectors can be equipped with a Fresnel lens or an anti-halo ( PC ) lens , with either a diameter of 130 mm or a 150 / 175 mm , based on their power .
For more information , visit dts-lighting . it .
Ayrton Rivale Profile
Ayrton has introduced its Rivale Profile . Weighing only 28.5kg , Rivale Profile has been designed to push limits and is Ayrton ’ s most versatile luminaire to date . Equipped with a 160mm frontal lens and a brand new 450W high-efficiency LED module , calibrated at 6500K with a luminous flux of 27,000 lumens , Rivale Profile can produce an ultra-intensive beam of 4 ° - close to that of Ayrton ’ s famous “ LT ” versions — with a 13:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 4 ° to 52 °.
A brand new high-definition progressive CMY colour mixing system allows a perfect reproduction of pastel colours . A variable Deep RED channel optimizes the colour rendering index at low levels and offers a progressive red with a high level of saturation for specific needs . A progressive CTO and a seven-position colour wheel complete the palette of tools dedicated to creating color . Rivale Profile is factory equipped with a wheel of seven rotating gobos , a wheel of eight fixed gobos , a framing section that allows the precise positioning of each shutter blade on 100 % of the surface with a rotation of +/ - 90 °, an iris diaphragm , a monochromatic effect wheel , two combinable rotating prisms and two frost filters .
For more information , contact ACT Entertainment : 416-907-6770 , FAX 416-628- 8406 , sales @ actentertainment . com , www . actentertainment . com .
ACME Lighting Refracted Lightstand
ACME lighting has released the Refracted Lightstand . With pixel mapping capabilities 489 / 156 / or a 10channel DMX mode featuring dozens of macros and speeds , users can create thousands of colorful moving images . It is 82 ” high and 3 ½ ” in diameter and has 156 Full Color LEDs that are diffused by 1,000 crystals , thereby creating the refracted effect .
The practicality of the stand features unseen cable connections for DMX and power at the top of the stand and a 33.5lb capacity for either a moving or static instrument to attach . while the stand has an easy to set up , sturdy steel base . It also easily attaches to truss or pipe with omega clamps . For more information , visit www . acme . com .
Obsidian Control Systems NETRON RP2
Obsidian Control Systems has revealed the NETRON RP2 , an intelligent 2-way DMX power relay that serves as a protective device for lighting fixtures . The RP2 helps to increase efficiency by reducing power consumption , protecting sensitive equipment , and prolonging the longevity of lighting systems .
The RP2 is configurable via an integrated OLED display and encoder with real-time status and power consumption feedback . It features optional smart power sequencing and DMX traffic detection to allow complete automation of fixture power based on DMX status . Simply turn the console on or off , and the system will follow along . An internal clock allows for independent standalone operation or automate the power outputs to specific days and times . For example , a system could be turned off every day at midnight to avoid excessive power usage . Two independent power outputs are controlled by high-current dual pole relays , ensuring complete removal of power from the circuit .
For more information , contact Illumixx : 877-856-2852 , info @ illumixx . com , www . christielitessales . com .
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