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ETC Eos v3.2
ETC ’ s flagship Eos lighting control family grows more powerful with every free software release , introducing features that streamline and revolutionize the design team ’ s workflow . Eos v3.2 – the latest major update – is no exception , bringing powerful tools to quickly adjust fixture- , device- and session-level settings , as well as massive expansions in the Augment3d programming environment .
As modern lighting systems grow to encompass more and more controllers and devices , easy access to network configuration controls is paramount . Eos v3.2 brings several key settings from the shell into the Eos application proper , allowing them to be saved in the show file and adjusted in real time without leaving your session or stopping output . Device settings are also now stored in profiles within the show file , allowing you to bind devices for quicker configuration . With the template file feature , easily starting from a known point is as simple as starting a new show . Output protocol settings have also been brought into Eos and have been significantly expanded to support advanced configurations for dynamic and static systems large and small – laying the groundwork for future system expansion .
For more information , contact ETC : 608-831-4116 , FAX 608-836-1736 , www . etcconnect . com .
Astera RuntimeExtender
Astera has launched the RuntimeExtender , a ‘ battery plate ’ tool for lighting techs working with Astera products in all sectors including live shows and events . RuntimeExtender is compatible with most Astera products – Titan , Helios & Hyperion Tubes , HydraPanel , PixelBrick , etc ., and allows connection to an external battery so spare camera batteries can be used to power the Astera units in situations where the internal batteries might run out e . g ., protracted shoots , longer running events where longer than standard run times are required for the lights .
This could be on video shoots , live or streaming / hybrid events and conferences , and especially when some Astera fixtures might be positioned in inaccessible and challenging places . When the connected lights are running at low level or switched off , the internal battery will also be recharging from this connection , allowing batteries to be swapped during the shoot so the lights can be used indefinitely . The most common camera batteries are currently the “ V-Mount battery ” and in some regions , the “ Gold Mount ” battery , so Astera RuntimeExtender is offered in two versions for customers to choose either of these two options . V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries are available in different voltages , so the RuntimeExtender supports two popular battery types , 14.4V and 26V .
For more information , contact Lumenayre Distribution Ltd .: 844-995-8636 , info @ lumenayre . com , www . lumenayre . com .
Prolights Astra Profile600IP
Prolights has just released the Astra Profile600IP , a bright , IP65-rated LED moving profile . The unit is designed for large-scale touring and exterior installations . The Astra Profile600IP offers an outstanding performance that utilizes a 600W white LED engine reaching 21,000 lumens whilst achieving a flat field beam projection . Its optical system moves linearly from 7 ° to 62 °.
This fixture has a CMY color mixing system that delivers beautiful , saturated colors , linear CTO correction from 2,700K to 5,600K , the company says , and a color wheel with six color filters plus a 5,600K high CRI filter . The Astra Profile600IP includes four-layer motorized framing shutters , an animation wheel , a rotating gobo wheel , one frost filter , a four-facet prism and an iris .
For more information , contact A . C . Lighting Inc .: 416-255-9494 , FAX 416-255-3514 , northamerica @ aclighting . com , www . aclighting . com .
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