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ArKaos VS4 Media Server
ArKaos has launched its new VS4 media server . The “ industrial strength ” design and build of VS4 , complete with custom rock-solid motherboard and a blisteringly fast graphics engine , offers 4 x 4K outputs ( or 16 x HD ) and runs on Windows 11 .
Its sturdy , gnarly , no-nonsense appearance reflects its place in the ArKaos VS next-gen range of creative visual control products -- which also includes the VS1 -- of which it is the “ big brother .” The aesthetics have been developed in keeping with the contemporary style of InMusic ’ s dynamic brand portfolio . Running seamlessly with the latest ArKaos MediaMaster software , VS4 interfaces and works harmoniously with any lighting console , and is targeted at high end television studios , streaming facilities , and broadcast scenarios , the company says . With this exceptionally rugged engineering , it is also ideal for hardcore production , touring and rental markets . Two interface screens enable monitoring , there is full USB connectivity on the front via two robust ports and a Neutrik PowerCON for power .
For more information , contact inMusic Canada : 833-466-9165 , 450-619-7710 , ordercanada @ inmusicbrands . com , www . inmusicbrands . com .
Claypaky SKYLOS
Claypaky has introduced the SKYLOS , an ultra-versatile and weather-resistant fixture , with incredible light output and outstanding construction features . The Skylos will certainly also be appreciated in the touring sector , where LDs are constantly on the look-out for dense , solid beams of light and ever-greater light output . It fits a custom 300W white light laser source , which provides an extremely parallel , uniform beam . The beam pours out from a large 300mm front lens , specifically designed in Claypaky ’ s R & D department and it is perfectly uniform and parallel , with no visible hotspots .
The beam angle can be adjusted from 0.5 ° to 5 ° resulting in exceptional light intensity , which cannot be produced by a LED or traditional light source . If you consider its light output and the size of the front lens , the body of this remarkable light is lightweight and compact , the company says . This allows the unit both to be moved with relative ease in any environment , and to be rigged on trusses for use on tours . Its body is IP66 protection rated and marine grade . So , it is capable of working in any weather conditions and in environments with high marine salinity and a high risk of corrosion . A sophisticated internal heating system designed specifically for this product means it can even work at very low temperatures , as low as -40 °.
For more information , contact SC Media Canada : 888-595-3966 , information @ scmediacanada . com , www . scmediacanada . com .
ADJ Encore Profile Minis
ADJ has expanded its portfolio of theatrical lighting fixtures with the introduction of two new compact and versatile LED-powered ellipsoidal luminaires , the Encore Profile Mini Color and Encore Profile Mini WW . Both fixtures are designed to offer powerful lighting capabilities in a compact size , making them well suited for a wide range of applications where space is limited .
The Encore Profile Mini WW features a potent 40W warm white LED engine with a 50,000-hour average life expectancy and 3,000K color temperature . Its light is focused through precision-engineered optics to deliver a crystal-clear output with an even field and extremely high CRI of > 98 . This makes it well suited for illuminating performers on stage as well as scenic elements , both in a theatrical setting and for other applications such as theme park attractions and retail displays .
For more information , contact SFM : 800-363-8855 , 514-780-2070 , FAX 514-780-2111 , info @ sfm . ca , www . sfm . ca .
Robe has introduced its most powerful iSeries fixture , the IP65-rated iFORTE FS , which combines long throw output and effects-rich features -- in a fully weatherized package for all outdoor and challenging environments . Just 1.5kg heavier than the indoor FORTE , iFORTE FS offers identical performance and appearance to the original luminaire , together will all the advantages of Robe ’ s ingress protection system and onboard RAINS ( Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System ) to manage humidity , temperature , and pressure control .
The iFORTE FS ’ s TE-iSE 1.000W HP ( High Performance ) white LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE generates the same impressive 50.000 lumen fixture output with an identical 11:1 zoom optical system and 5.5 ° to 55 ° zoom range for max flexibility . Robe ’ s patented MAPS ( Motionless Absolute Positioning System ) allows the fixture to fully calibrate while remaining static -- no distracting pre-use pan and tilt calibration movement needed , which is useful when fixtures are rigged in confined spaces . For more information , contact Robe North America : 954-680-1901 , FAX 954-680-1910 , info @ robelighting . com , www . robelighting . com .
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