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Prolights EclPanel TWC
Prolights has introduced the EclPanel TWC , a 2x1 soft light that provides a wide source of soft and precise colours . The fixture provides a full range of calibrated white presets with 28K resolution with high CRI , TLCI , and TM-30 values .
The EclPanel TWC has a CCT range between 2,200K to 15,000K in film mode , plus / minus green correction , HSI for hue control , RGBW mixing , saturation , and intensity control . The FX mode controls the on-board pixel effects and advanced users can also find available XY coordinates control and a selectable PWM range up to 36KHz .
The 430W source provides an output upwards of 34,236 lumens , whilst maintaining a soft output using the different diffusion filters available . Though it ’ s possible to run the internal effect macros , the unit can be addressed to film mode , where users can control eight sections individually and create pixel effects .
Users can control the unit by DMX / RDM , as well as using the three rotary knobs that enable access to the different control parameters . For remote applications , the EclPanel TWC has available CRMX by LumenRadio , and a four-pin XRL connection , compatible with industry-standard external batteries .
For more information , contact A . C . Lighting : 416-255-9494 , northamerica @ aclighting . com , www . aclighting . com .
ArKaos VS1 Media Server
Laserworld RTI PIKO 55
Laserworld has introduced its new lineup of products developed during the pandemic , which includes the RTI PIKO 55 . It is designed for outdoor laser show applications at concerts , festivals , and other large events with easy operation due to the built-in software and DMX control .
The PIKO 55 is equipped with RSL Semiconductor modules ( RSL ), and can be used for laser-mapping and long-distance projections . The RTI PIKO 55 includes features such as a 55W power guarantee , colour mixing capabilities , and low divergence . It has a multi-control mainboard for DMX , ArtNET , LAN , ILDA , ILDA streaming , and stand-alone operation . It also comes with a 360-degree bracket with quicklock system and includes a waterproof flight case .
For more information , contact Laserworld Group : info @ laserworld . com , www . laserworld . com .
ArKaos has launched its new VS1 Media Server . The VS1 runs 4K video sources , with two HDMI and USB-C outs on the back of the device . Its dimensions of 143.2mm x 195mm x 43mm and triple unit in a 1U footprint means that several VS1 devices can be rigged in the same rack housing .
The VS1 uses ArKaos ’ streamlined proprietary SAGA codec , for a maximum number of visual playback channels with 10-bit definition per colour and an Alpha channel . The media server also provides a 2.5Gb / s network connection for file transfer and updates . The VS1 will run MediaMaster 6 , and a licence for the software platform is included .
For more information , contact ArKaos : + 32-2 / 340-86-86 , contact @ arkaos . net , pro . arkaos . com .
High End Systems Talen Automated Luminaire
High End Systems , an ETC brand , has introduced the Talen automated beam light for punchy aerials .
The fixture ’ s beams are created with full-additive colour RGBW emitters and a large front aperture , resulting in a three-degree beam with high centre beam candlepower . The fixture also features infinite pan and tilt movement . The Talen is sized small enough to fit anywhere in a lighting rig , and it can also be rigged in hanging positions . Fixtures can be configured and addressed through ETC ’ s Set Light App .
For more information , Theatrixx Technologies : 514- 939-3077 , info @ theatrixx . com , www . theatrixx . com .
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