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Astera NYX Bulb
Astera has released the NYX Bulb . The same size as a standard LED bulb , it is a colour-tuneable LED bulb made for professional film , stage , and event productions . It comes with a CRMX receiver for wireless DMX , as well as RF and Bluetooth modules for control via the Astera App on a smartphone or tablet .
The NYX Bulb is designed for gaffers , DoPs , lighting and set designers , and visual artists . In addition to movie shoots and television studios , it can work for theatrical sets and for scenic elements on tour shows and live events .
Since it is sized like a regular LED bulb , the NYX Bulb can be powered via an E27 socket ( E26 in the U . S . version ) or with a standard power bank . It is the first Astera light source with external battery options , rather than inbuilt . Its Titan LED engine delivers colours and white tones with a CRI and TLCI , and it emits 750 lumens , comparable to a conventional 60W bulb , yet drawing 10W of power .
For more information , contact Lumenayre Distribution : 844-995- 8636 , info @ lumenayre . com , www . lumenayre . com .
Robert Juliat Sully 4C Series LED Zoom Profile & Fresnel Spots
Robert Juliat has introduced the Sully 4C coloured LED range , which includes an LED zoom profile and Fresnel spots with colour mixing . The Sully 4C Series builds a new four-colour LED source ( red , green , blue , and lime ) into a full package of lighting tools , including a removeable lamp compartment as a quick and easy solution to upgrade RJ 600SX tungsten profiles to coloured LED sources , a Profile series offering the same zoom range as the 600SX Series range ( 650SX 4C ), and a single-lens Fresnel luminaire .
For more information , contact ACT Entertainment : 416-907-6770 , sales @ actentertainment . com , www . actentertainment . com .
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