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“ The Nextfest people are already starting to talk about using those .” While there are no screens in the other spaces – “ We obviously have cycs and scrims for all the venues . And , in the Lorne Cardinal , we have this gigantic Baltic Birch wall . We ’ ve projected on that and it looks fantastic .”
Video elements for the Roxy were informed by their time in the Gateway as well , and naturally , in the shift forced by the pandemic . “ So , Lorne Cardinal is inhabited by the lighting and sound rig from the last theatre , which we purchased after the fire . We also bought Panasonic projectors after the fire . Over the pandemic , we turned into , basically , a TV studio and did Nextfest online for two years ,” Peters explains , citing the additional purchase of “ a Roland switcher and a little 4k Sony Handy Cam .” During that time , “ We also got involved with a company , AVI-SPL ( previously known as Sharps ), and ended up being involved with Panasonic directly . They came out , talked to us about what we were doing with the new building , and put us into their beta program .” Ultimately , that will result in even greater flexibility going forward and is a natural match for the type of experimental programming on offer at the Roxy . “ We would never have had that gear had it not been for the pandemic , and now we have the knowledge to stream whatever we want to . The learning curve was steep but very worth it .”
“ I ’ m standing in the Lorne Cardinal Theatre right now ,” which , he adds , was built not only to present shows but may act as a venue in which those shows are filmed and repackaged for a wider audience .
As Moss said in an interview with CBC in 2018 when they received provincial funding for the rebuild , the return of the Roxy is “ a turning point – it ’ s a game-changer .” Overall , the results across the board represent a major upgrade . What remains consistent , however , is The Roxy ’ s status as an iconic landmark . “ Everybody is ecstatic that it ’ s back .”
Kevin Young is a Toronto-based musician and freelance writer .
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