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3D perspective The duty of care in the corporate world Iberian Lawyer Global Compliance Club representing 500 Iberian companies joins forces with ETJ (Escuela de Técnica Jurídica) in Spain incorporating a unique group of magistrates, notaries and academics. Announcing a unique partnership between Iberian Lawyer In-House & Global Compliance Club and Escuela de Técnica Jurídica (ETJ) aimed at utilising the input of judges to enable in-house lawyers to ensure their organisations meet global compliance requirements. “The aim is to enable companies and in-house lawyers to meet global market requirements and new legal demands in relation to compliance.“ Mari Cruz Taboada, coordinator of the Iberian Lawyer In-House & Compliance Club “ It is very important to train lawyers to better understand what is required by the Justice Department – compliance requires investment in good governance and ethical behavior.” Purificación Pujol, magistrate and adviser to ETJ Global Compliance Club Digital Manual - Chapter 3 Available August 2015 Content: 1. The latest on compliance and competition 2. An update on managing corporate data 3. Analysis of the impact of the new criminal code in Spain With the support of: Free access to members - apply now: 38 IBERIAN LAWYER • May / not, join Are •you a member? IfJune 2015 us today. See more at