Product Technical Guides : US-EN Post-Installed Rebar Guide - Page 24

Post-Installed Reinforcing Bar Guide
In addition to the bond / splitting tests described above , tests are conducted to establish the suitability of the system for use in post-installed reinforcing bar applications in terms of :
1 . The ability of the adhesive to develop the required bond resistance ;)
2 . The sensitivity of the bond resistance to hole cleaning , freezing and thawing conditions , concrete temperature extremes in service , installation orientation , and alkalinity / sulfur exposure ;
While it is generally the case that modern structural-grade adhesives are capable of developing bond resistances well beyond those given in Figure 45 , the effects of jobsite installation conditions , temperature , and other factors included in the assessment can reduce bond resistance substantially . Therefore , system performance is critical for qualification , not just adhesive bond strength as determined under optimum conditions .
3 . The ability of the system to successfully execute long bar installations ( up to 60 bar diameters ) without substantial voids in the adhesive around the post-installed reinforcing bar ;
4 . The corrosion resistance of the post-installed reinforcing bar ;
5 . The ability of the adhesive to develop bond resistance over the development length when splitting controls the behavior ; and
6 . The cyclic tension load behavior of the post-installed reinforcing bar compared to cast-in-place bar response as documented in the literature .
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