Product Literature Volume 5 - Ovation Ergonomic Pipette FAQ

Ergonomic benefits of the Ovation® Pipette Proven to significantly prevent and reduce injuries. Carpal Tunnel * Tendinitis * RSD * MSD * Tennis Elbow * Muscle Fatigue - Independent Studies - “The re-designed, low force pipette showed a significant reduction in the most important MSD risk factors for pipetting, as compared to other traditional axial-design pipettes.” “Overwhelming preference for Ovation in terms of comfort.” Pipetting is the #1 Cause of MSD’s (Muscoskeletal Disorders) in laboratory workers. US employers are currently paying in excess of $15 Billion per year in worker’s comp due to MSD’s. –OSHA $1.00 invested in ergonomic prevention = RETURN $17.80 – JAMA Why the Ovation works? Unlike traditional pipettes, the Ovation is designed for the way your body works. The Ovation drops your elbow and puts your arm and wrist in a “stress-free” position close to the work surface. Customer Survey