Product Knowledge Crema XG FAQ Sheet


You asked , we answered ! We have updated our most frequently asked questions to include the information colorists need most for success behind the chair with Crema XG ®.

1 . When should I choose Crema XG ®? 4 .

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• During a retouch with Color XG ® . Refresh with Crema XG ® , which is perfectly shade-matched to help create uniform color from scalp to ends . This is also referred to as Color Match .
• To Tone and Refine pre-lightened hair without lightening or lifting the natural hair color .
• Anytime you are adding lowlights .
Crema XG ® is shade-matched to Color XG ®. What does that mean ?
Shade-matched means that Color XG ® ( permanent ) is tonally paired to Crema XG ® ( demi-permanent ). For example , a Natural ( N ) shade in Color XG ® is the same tonal flavor as the Natural ( N ) shade in Crema XG ® . It is this like-for-like tonal pairing that provides a system and service opportunity called Color Match .
What is a Color Match / Refresh service ?
A Color Match / Refresh service restores or rebalances previously colored mid-lengths and ends while simultaneously processing a permanent color retouch with Color XG ® . What makes this service unique is the shade-matched system ( see question 1 ) between Color XG ® and Crema XG ® . It is an ideal option when the guest does not have any highlighted effects in the hair and prefers a consistent , even or more solid color look from base to ends .

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What are the factors to consider for Color Match / Refresh options ?
Depending on the degree and depth of Color Match you want , select an option below to refresh faded midlengths and ends while maintaining standard 20-minute processing guidelines .
• How much has the color faded ?
• Does more brown or more tone need to be added to the mid-lengths and ends ?
• Do the mid-lengths and ends need subtle refinement ?
For example , with a base formula of Color XG ® 5N + 20 volume Paul Mitchell ® Cream Developer :
IF THE HAIR IS : THEN MIX AND APPLY : Faded 2 levels or lighter
Faded up to 1 level lighter
Minimally faded
Crema XG ® 5N + 10 volume Paul Mitchell ® Cream Developer
Crema XG ® 5N + Clear + 10 volume Paul Mitchell ® Cream Developer
Crema XG ® 6N + 10 volume Paul Mitchell ® Cream Developer
Should I Color Match / Refresh with Crema XG ® every time my guest has a touch-up with Color XG ® ?
The entire XG family is formulated with DyeSmart ® Technology , making it fade resistant . Typically , it is not necessary to refresh with Crema XG ® every time , but some hair types are more prone to fading than others . Be sure to analyze the condition , porosity and amount of fade to determine if a refresh service is needed . If so , select one of the Color Match / Refresh options . Always remember that a test strand will yield the most accurate results .