Product Knowledge Crema XG FAQ Sheet - Page 2

6 . When would I choose Crema XG ® vs . The Demi 11 .

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10 . for a Refresh service ?

Although a Color Match / Refresh service can be done with either Crema XG ® or The Demi , using Color XG ® with Crema XG ® is recommended when the guest prefers a more solid hair color look and does not have any special highlighting effects in their hair .
For guests with hair that is dimensional ( from balayage , highlights , babylights , teasylights , etc .) who want to keep the dimension but still need to rebalance brassy , unwanted tones while adding shine and condition , select The Demi .
In terms of application , when I apply my Color Match / Refresh with Crema XG ®, should I blend it together with the permanent color on the base , or keep the two products separate ?
Keep the products separate . Color plus color equals more color , so if the two products overlap , you may get an over-deposit of color or banding in that area .
Why is Crema XG ® not recommended for use on virgin hair or gray hair ?
It is important to understand that Crema XG ® is specifically designed for use on color-treated hair or pre-lightened hair . The healthier the hair , the less depth of deposit you will achieve .
What is DyeSmart ® Technology ?
The proprietary DyeSmart ® Technology utilizes a balance of oxidative primary and coupler dyes carefully chosen to facilitate maximum penetration of color molecules into the hair fiber . The result is a beautiful , true-to-tone , vibrant hair color that is multidimensional and resistant to fading .
What is the Pure XG Protection System ?
A conditioning mix of soothing ingredients found in both Color XG ® and Crema XG ® . It helps to protect the integrity of the hair throughout the coloring process with cottonseed oil , which is rich in strengthening proteins , and rice milk known to help prevent oxidative damage .

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Is Crema XG ® an acid or alkaline demi-permanent ?
Crema XG ® is just alkaline enough to facilitate dye development without lifting or lightening the hair ’ s natural pigment , making it a deposit-only , no-lift demi .
What is the alkali source in Crema XG ®?
Crema XG ® is an ammonia-free , demi-permanent hair color that uses monoethanolamine ( MEA ) as the alkali .
Can I use Crema XG ® the same day as a texture service ?
No . Paul Mitchell ® recommends waiting 2 weeks after coloring the hair with Crema XG ® before performing a texture service .
Is Crema XG ® vegan and what does that mean ?
Yes , Color XG ® and the entire XG family are vegan , so those with a vegan preference can use these brands . Vegan products do not contain any animal by-products . Whether or not a product is vegan does not affect performance .
Since Crema XG ® is not recommended to blend or cover gray hair , what other options are available to me ?
Paul Mitchell ® offers a variety of options to help address guests with gray hair . Choose The Demi to discreetly blend gray , or consider using our permanent options : Color XG ® to cover under 50 % gray , or CoverSmart — a dedicated gray coverage series specially formulated for hair that ’ s over 50 % gray or highly resistant . Paul Mitchell ® the color is another permanent hair color in our portfolio .
How do I mix and process Crema XG ®?
Mix Crema XG ® in a 1:1 ratio of 10 volume Paul Mitchell ® Cream Developer . Process at room temperature for up to 20 minutes .
Should I use heat when processing Crema XG ®?
No . Processing at room temperature for 20 minutes provides the best results .