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young leading

young leading



UNLEASH YOUR leadership prowess

The Youth Leadership Academy was designed to help young leaders in various schools understand the purpose of leadership and their roles as prefects for the next school year!

At YRC we understand that leadership can be a struggle for prefects, so we collaborated with the KIR Foundation to organize the Youth Leadership Academy, an upscale version of the High School Prefect Alignment Program to help school prefects understand leadership and their roles as leaders in schools.

Some of them are often confused at their roles and lost as to what to do. Others simply do not understand what it takes to lead other students. Then, there are those who feel they have earned it and thus seek to exert authority over others, trying to bully and force students to follow them.

Do you remember how p how prefects were were selected in schools? The most intelligent, audacious and in some cases - the neatest students were made school prefects! While this seems to be the best selection criteria, the challenge is that most times, these students are not natural leaders.