Prodigies 2019 - Page 29


Resource persons are always available to tutor these young ones on various topics ranging from career development to leadership. These resource person are seasoned professionals in their various fields who are very interested in youth development. Sessions with them are very interactive. We are always encouraged by the participants' desire to learn as they listen and ask very intriguing and probing questions.

The participants are also giving the opportunity to lead themselves in various activities. They are often divided into four groups at registration. These groups self appoint their leaders with the supervision of the YRC team. Groups are given various activities and challenges throughout the period of the program. These activities are designed to enhance their ability to work together as a team and their problem solving skills.

And we do not forget to have some fun! From the Old School day to the various outdoor and team building events, participants are taken from the engaging sessions to a more relaxed, fun packed series of events that promote social inclusion, team bonding and health living. Sporting activities and community services are organized on Saturdays. The sense of competition between the four groups is always fun to watch.