Prodigies 2019 - Page 19

I used to find reading boring and difficult because I lacked textbooks and other reading materials. But ever since I came to know about the Centre, I no longer find reading boring and difficult but rather interesting and easy. That’s because I was opportune to have access to a place where I can read different kinds of books without any payment. My life has been transformed by the books I have read at the Centre and now I even buy books for myself because I appreciate the benefits of reading books better now.

The 2018 Summer Holiday program was an eye-opener for me. I learned a lot of life lessons at the program as a young boy. The emphasis on good morals got to me and the need to be engaged positively doing things that are beneficial to myself and the society at large. I also learned about decent dressing and the need to take good care of ones body. The classes were very practical and detailed. We also had a boys alone session where the issues of cultism, drug abuse, self-control and other vices linked to boys were discussed. The advice was clear - stay away from negative vices that can destroy your life.

Lastly, I will never forget all the teachings and counselings I have gotten from the Centre so far, they have helped in remodeling my life. I have been greatly inspired by my experiences at the Centre so much that I have made a life commitment to own a Centre like YRC in the future to help the next generation.

Iyowuna Macdonald

So far, my experience at the Youth Resource Centre has been amazing and fantastic. Since I knew the Youth Resource Centre the missing puzzles of my life have been found and put together. It is a privilege to us to have a Resource Centre that is opened to all youths from Monday to Saturday for free. A Centre that is impacting lives and changing the destiny of many youths in our community.

The Youth Resource Centre has been a very big blessing to my life. The contributions of the various programs to my mental, physical, social, emotional and psychological well-being has been so immense that I can`t resist bringing out the best of me in order to make the YRC team and myself proud. The YRC is a home and a platform where teenagers of this generation are given great opportunities to explore their potentials.

When I came to the Centre in year 2014, my self-esteem was very low, but today through the grooming I have received I am more self confident and with a very strong self-esteem. Thanks to the YRC team. I am a better reader now as well. I used to be very scared of big books until I joined the Readers' Club. The book reviews we do at the various sessions have increased my appetite for reading. I am also a member of the YRC Playhouse and the Erudite Clan. I remain very grateful to the whole YRC team for their leadership and contribution towards developing youths of this community.

Tamunodienye Tumini Dagogo