Pro Stringer Issue 8 - 2017 ProStringer_0817 final - Page 28 BADMINTON The Legends’ Vision: Legends visited India and livened up the event with the local Legends! The Legends’ Vision was held on the 4th in Mumbai, India, to the wild enthusiasm of approximately 5000 badminton fans! With the desire to make badminton a major global sport, Lin Dan (China), Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia), Peter Gade (Denmark), and Taufik Hidayat (Indonesia) have been presiding over activities to spread and develop the sport. Korean superstar Lee Yong Dae is also supporting and participating from this year. India is said to be the birthplace of modern Badminton and the Legends of India, Pullela Gopichand, winner of the 2001 YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships, and Prakash Padukone, formerly ranked World No. 1, participated to liven up the event. When players such as Srikanth Kidambi, who was recently elevated to World No. 2, Pusarla V. Sindhu, and Saina Nehwal made an appearance, the voltage in the venue reached maximum. The event included a talk show, exhibition matches, and badminton instruction for local junior athletes. Through the serious mixed doubles games played together with the Legends and junior athletes, every point drew cheers from the audience, and everyone was delighted to see amazing plays. Peter commented that, “Indian badminton has the potential to expand even further. We want to create opportunities for the generation that will come after Sindhu and the others.”   The next event will take place on December 3rd in Paris, France, where Peter is coaching the national team. TIPS Changing Tensions – I have seen hundreds of times stringers in tournaments forgetting to change the tension on the crosses. I have had this happen also while talking to a player while stringing. I start doing a couple of crosses then realize I did not change the tension. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to put something on the racket to signal that you should not forget it. The easiest wa y is to put a piece of coloured tape on the grommet for the first cross string. You would have to remove it to put the string in. Slipping basic Grips – Sometimes a player’s basic grip keeps moving at the butt cap. There are several ways to stop this. 1. Make sure the butt cap is clean with alcohol or mineral spirits. 2. Some butt caps are slippery then try roughing them up with sandpaper. 3. If the butt cap is moving because of the player’s hand is moving around the end of the butt cap, place a strong double sided tape and tack the end of the grip to the butt cap. FAST FACTS A third of European junior elite tennis players have bought a tennis racquet because it was used by a Pro Player they admired. 28 Almost two thirds of European junior elite tennis players buy their racquets from independent speciality tennis retailers. ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 8-2017