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New Products

Finally , the app will allow users to access exclusive content about our pro players ’ training and lifestyle off the court . Users will get access to behind the scenes content at partner tournaments as well as a first look at new products and an inside view of their development . To broaden its scope , Babolat created new opportunities by launching its app in 8 languages ( Japanese , Italian , French , Spanish , German , English , Portuguese , Russian ). “ Tennis is an international sport and Babolat is distributed worldwide . It was mandatory to target all the players on the 5 continents . Babolat possesses an important team with charismatic players . We know that they are ready to unveil themselves a little more , to share their experiences , their careers , their impressions . The stake of the app is to create a relationship between the community and their champions , and in today ’ s technological era , it couldn ’ t come at a better time ,” comments Philippe Jullien .
“ To share unique moments with our players
The app will turn into a real exchange platformwhere enthusiasts and pros alike will have the opportunity to talk and challenge each other . As a brand , Babolat has always strived to be one step ahead , and today the company is proud to deliver this innovation . “ Social media has transformed the relationships between stars and passionate tennis players . Today , they share a permanent flow of information and a champion ’ s brand must adapt itself to this new practice . The goal is to share more unique moments with our players . They are convinced , like us , that it contributes to build stronger relationships with the community ,” concludes Philippe Jullien . The Babolat app represents a new important step of the brand ’ s development into the digital age , which has one goal : to satisfy tennis lovers . By innovating in this way , it creates a privileged space for passionate players to access their own tennis networks right at their fingertips . Babolat Play already integrated An app update will integrate current Babolat Play users into the new app .