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Squash String Test Playtest Almost all of the testers found the string the same to much better than their string in Playability, Power, Comfort, Feel and Control. Tension Loss and String Movement were rated from a Little Worse to a little better. Power and Playablility were rated highest. Four of the testers stated the string started moving after several hours which they attributed to the thin gauge. One tester broke the string during the test. Testers reported they played with their own string an average of over 15 hours, but most did not test this string until breaking (average 7.5 hours). Conclusion Ashaway Supernick ZX Micro meets all of their claims of performance, touch, control, spin and power. As the thinnest string in the Supernick line, the testers said they noticed advantages of the thin gauge. Many of the testers commented it was one of the best string they ever played. This string should be recommended from club players to top tournament players looking for maxi- mum power and playability. This string is a high performance string with good durability for the gauge. Tension loss and string movement were rated average. Most of the testers said they would consider adding the string to their sortiment. Comments “I could tell it was an Ashaway string taking it out of the package. I knew it would play great with the thin gauge.” “One of the best string I have ever tried.” “A very good string I can recommend to many customers in my shop.” “Power and touch were very good. Strings started moving earlier with the thin gauge so maybe not the best durability.” “A good string that plays well but very different from my Tecnifibre strings. ” “Feels very similar to my Ashaway Ultranick 18, my favorite.” “As a coach I can recommend this to most of my students.” ENTDECKE DIE WELT DER WE MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Die Int. Plattform für alle Trainer und Coaches die professionell unterrichten INFO: PTR European Headquarters Leichtergasse 28 - 39012 MERAN Fon: +39 0473 230097 - - [email protected] 17