Pro Installer March 2022 - Issue 108

22 Shaping up
Delayed FIT Show sees record levels of support ahead of May event .
35 Building a future
50 volunteers needed to help BoS inspire the next generation .
44 Creating balance
Garden room case study claims back a hometurned-workspace .
ISSUE 108 MARCH 2022


51 Making it work
The seven rules of a successful ‘ old school ’ sales department .
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As happens every few years , building control regulations are changing , with the latest rules coming into play in June this year .
This ever-changing playing field , which impacts everybody from systems manufacturers , installers and homeowners , means that we as an industry are always faced with having to redesign , re-learn , re-price .
Not necessarily a bad thing , as changes often bring about improvements from product designers who are looking for innovative and efficient products for their customers .
A familiar result created by the changes in regulations and therefore products , also sees two different ways to handle
them . On the one hand , you have the installers who embrace them ( not necessarily without grumbles ) and work to ensure their business provides the correct products and services ( ie by the book ), whereas on the other hand you will find installers that “ resist ” the changes , or are not interested enough to really understand what they mean .
To be on topic , for solid roofs , and firstly the replacement of conservatory roofs , the building control certificates are often seen as getting in the way . And it is fair to say that some building control offices do not
make it easy for installers . Therefore Icotherm works with smaller , independent Building control inspectors like MFA to make that process smoother . Let us not forget that it is the homeowner ’ s responsibility to ensure their house
is compliant , and that the decision to apply for a certificate should always fall to them , not the installer . For new builds , the new “ hot ” topic – please forgive the pun – is going to be solar gains … and rule makers are not liking
these at all . Not ideal when house builders are offering conservatories as an option with their new homes … fantastic for us solid roof manufacturers .
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