Pro Installer January 2022 - Issue 106 - Page 46

46 | JANUARY 2022


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Oakland Glass has invested in new vehicles and replaced an integral piece of its plant to further streamline glass production and better its offering to customers .
The Dewsbury glass manufacturer , with MD Amanda Falsey at the helm since 2019 , alongside joint MD Tina Moorhouse , has been reassessing its business practices since before the pandemic in an effort to combat glass shortages and the ongoing skills crisis . With glass prices at an all-time high and longer lead times across the sector , Amanda says the team is continuously improving its own part at the start of the chain , increasing efficiency wherever possible , and making the most of every inch of glass .
“ Over the past two years we have really been able to focus on the product and our processes ,” comments Amanda . “ By swapping out older machinery , the replacement line has more capabilities for better production . The addition of five replacement 18-tonne trucks , alongside our existing
fleet means we can keep getting glass to our customers , with demand higher than ever . These are just two ways we ’ re improving into 2022 , with more exciting news on the horizon .”
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Gary Morton , CEO , Central Window Systems
The past two years have been an interesting period for the glazing industry , and at Central Window Systems , we ’ ve of course not been immune to the disruption .
Despite the many challenges , we ’ ve reached the end of 2021 having managed to keep up with demand and navigate our way around supply chain and price pressure issues , while at the same time , investing in and adapting the business in preparation for a continued surge and a stable position moving into the new year .
We started off the year by merging our PVCu and aluminium divisions , consolidating into a full-solution fabricator ready to serve customers across the board .
We also expanded our manufacturing facility to 52,000 square feet , invested in our staff , and most recently , expanded our aluminium division to better serve domestic installers , growing both our product portfolio and our customer base .
A combination of Brexit and the pandemic created a boom in the industry which we do not see slowing down anytime soon . This is why we have decided to invest in the business , positioning Central as a growing fabricator ready to face the challenges head on , and come out the other side of this period as a thriving and successful company .
I certainly think the industry has got some huge challenges ahead , but I think as long as the current demand maintains itself , and the supply chain repairs itself – which I believe it will – then we ’ re in for a promising future .
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The volume of work being completed by the FENSA community continues to surpass our expectations for the year and we see no reason why that outstanding performance won ’ t remain in place for the first half of 2022 at the very least .
RISA ’ s Expert Witness service has taken off with installers and homeowners alike as they see the savings that can be made from an independent report helping them avoid unnecessary court costs . That is a trend we are confident will continue for the foreseeable future .
We expect BFRC energy ratings to take greater prominence next year as homeowners look to keep their utility bills at an acceptable level . The proven performance of BFRC rated products will create a huge amount of reassurance for consumers and conversations with homeowners will also inevitably turn to sustainability and ‘ Net Zero ’. Reassuringly , the take up from members of the GGF , FENSA and BFRC recycling scheme to date shows the appetite our members have to prove their green credentials . Companies that continue to innovate on this front will undoubtedly win business as a result .
If the industry can come through the last two years as it has done , there ’ s no reason why we can ’ t continue to thrive in 2022 and provide homeowners with the outstanding home improvements they desire .
Anda Gregory Chief Development Officer , GGF Group
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