Pro Installer January 2022 - Issue 106 - Page 44

44 | JANUARY 2022


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Ben Brocklesby , Director at Origin
Just like that , 2021 is over , which gives me a great opportunity to reflect on the highs and lows we ’ ve experienced .
The last couple of years have been full of challenges to navigate . Despite this , at Origin , we are thrilled with where we currently find ourselves , emerging out the other side in the best position we ’ ve ever been in .
From what we have seen this year , demand for doors and windows is stronger than ever before , and the industry has been exceptionally resilient to cope with it . Across all areas of the business , from R & D and product development , to supporting our 1,200 + Partners , we are busier than ever and delivering where others couldn ’ t .
At Origin , we are never complacent . We like to view the current challenges we face , such as Brexit and the pandemic , as opportunities to strengthen our business . For us , this has
involved investing in our infrastructure , supply chains and product development , and we are thrilled to have seen such great results .
It may seem counterintuitive to invest during a time of economic downturn , but we saw this as a great chance to futureproof the company , not only for our staff , but our Partners too .

We still have much more planned in 2022 , which is very exciting !

Our biggest investment was in our new 55,000ft 2 warehouse facility , known as The Ark , located in Bicester . Adding this storage space has allowed us to stockpile materials in popular colours , meaning our On Time
In Full promise is fulfilled , which is what is most important to us and our Partners . Our storage capacity has increased by 82 percent as a result and has freed up space in our other facilities and allowed us to increase our manufacturing capabilities too .
These investments in our supply chain , stock , and production , ensure that we can overcome any future uncertainty . No matter the issue , the manufacturing excellence that we pride ourselves on are maintained for our Partners .
In addition , this year saw us undertake one of the most significant improvements in our IT infrastructure in our history to bring our ‘ just one click ’ ambition to fruition . This investment means that every process , from sales and procurement , through to manufacturing , warehouse and delivery can now be triggered by a single click of a button .
This new system means that when a Partner confirms an order through our unique OSS system , it automatically creates a works order . As a result , the materials needed for the order will be deducted from stock control , with these levels then being replenished immediately with orders created for suppliers . Line supply is undertaken and manufacturing begins . Finally , delivery is scheduled . This whole process occurs without any human intervention .
We also invested in products , with our R & D department working extremely hard to update our current product range to design out materials that have been in short supply during the pandemic . This helped us manage potential challenges which could have impacted lead times . We have also launched our brand-new sliding door system , the OS-29 , to offer Partners another option for homeowners who are looking for ultra-slim

demand for doors and windows is stronger than ever before , and the industry has been exceptionally resilient to cope with it

sightlines . We still have much more planned in 2022 , which is very exciting !
The entire Origin team has put a huge amount of hard work and dedication into making this year a success , despite its challenges . While there have been highs and lows , we are pleased to be able to say we ’ re coming out of this strong and excited for what next year has in store for us and our Partners .
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