Pro Installer January 2022 - Issue 106 - Page 41

JANUARY 2022 | 41
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Access Training UK Launches New Recruitment Arm

Online learning portal Access Training UK has announced a new recruitment arm , which will help its students find a position and develop their career long after their initial training .
The new service will build upon the support already offered to trainees and allow them to benefit from three years of career support from the moment they start training . Extending beyond the completion of their course , the dedicated service will cover everything from CV support and interview prep to setting up their own business , ensuring trainees have the support they need to make their goals a reality .
Lauren Caldwell , newly appointed Recruitment Manager at Access Training UK , comments :
“ Since starting at Access , I haven ’ t looked back . Having worked with people and recruitment for eight years it ’ s been great to get to grips with a new industry . There are two main points that set Access Training UK apart for me ,
1 . How rewarding the work is , helping people achieve their long time goals will never get old to me .
2 . The support from the wider team at Access is unparalleled , everyone is focused on helping our students achieve above and beyond and this really shows at every level within the business .
Jamie Jefferies , CEO of Access Training UK , added :
“ Our main focus has always been our students . This drives us to constantly evolve and look at ways to enhance the support we offer . Often , we are approached with an ‘ end goal ’ in mind , like becoming a high-end carpenter or starting their own plumbing business . So , our thinking is always not only how we can support them to gain their desired qualifications , but how we can help achieve their dream career .
This new unmatched recruitment service builds upon that focus and ensures our students have access to a dedicated team whose sole responsibility is to support their future aspirations and help them achieve their individual goals .”
About Access Training UK
Access Training UK is the UK ’ s leading vocational training course provider , offering career specific training courses that deliver industry recognised qualifications of the highest quality .
At Access Training UK , students benefit from a flexible 3-stage training programme , enabling them to build a course around their own schedule . Each course begins with unlimited online learning , followed by in-centre practical training and three years of unrivalled career and employment support .
www . accesstraininguk . co . uk


Leading uPVC and aluminium fabricator Dekko Window Systems has taken on four new apprentices , strengthening its commitment to upskilling young people and tackling the industry ’ s skills shortage .
Sales Director Kurt Greatrex comments : “ The skills gap is a huge issue facing the industry at the moment , and I predict for a long time to come .
“ While we ’ ve all been stretched due to increased demand , at the same time , an ageing workforce is retiring , and we ’ re just not getting enough skilled workers in to replace them .
“ At Dekko , it ’ s our goal to limit the impact of the skills gap on our customers as much as possible , and one proven way to do this is with an apprenticeship programme .
“ We ’ ve started with four , but we will soon be looking into recruiting more apprentices and upskilling young workers , with the long-term goal of growing and developing a motivated , skilled and qualified workforce to add to our already talented team .”
Dekko ’ s four new apprentices have taken on roles in HR , manufacturing and engineering , while a fifth apprentice is soon due to take on a marketing role , where they will be in charge of internal marketing , tracking leads and opportunities for
regular business , as well as looking after social media accounts for the company ’ s trade counters .
Kurt continues : “ As a business , we are committed to doing what we can to mitigate the industry ’ s skills shortage , as well as helping the regeneration of the economy following the pandemic by creating opportunities for young people .
“ By taking them on , we ’ re giving them a chance to learn on the job , and developing valuable skillsets that will contribute to the industry .”
www . dekkowindows . com

Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration , Glass and Glazing a Career of Choice

Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration , Glass and Glazing a Career of Choice – is committed to bridging the growing skills gap faced by the industry by working closely with employers and other organisations to attract new entrants and by upskilling the existing workforce to ensure it can meet future challenges and continue to prosper .
Our aim is to inform , encourage , support and inspire .
Call us on 0114 553 6066 or visit www . buildingourskills . co . uk