Pro Installer January 2022 - Issue 106 - Page 24

We ’ re starting 2022 on a high after successfully fighting back against unprecedented supply chain issues to bring back our industry-topping 10-12 day lead time on our full range of integrated blinds .
24 | JANUARY 2022
Morley Glass & Glazing Ltd Unit 3
Leeds 27 Industrial Estate Bruntcliffe Way Leeds LS27 0HH


Three little words – but with a very significant meaning . With more than 100 staff , six awards last year alone and over 4,000 integral blinds a week ; They say business is a numbers game and for Morley Glass all of those figures really do add up , here ’ s seven reasons why they keep to that three-word promise every single day …
1 . 20 + years of manufacturing excellence
A long established , highly experienced integral blind manufacturing specialist , Morley Glass was founded 24 years ago . The team has been producing ScreenLine integrated blinds since 2002 , making it one of the UK ’ s pioneers in these innovative blind systems . Today more than 4,000 of its Uni-Blinds ® branded integral blinds are manufactured every week , with a team of over 100 people dedicated to supplying high quality integral blinds to window and door installers across the UK .
3 . Every unit dual sealed
A skilled team crafts every integral blind unit using ScreenLine blind systems , high quality glass from Saint-Gobain and a warm edge spacer bar . These double or triple glazed units all benefit from a unique dual seal which delivers long life and superior thermal performance .
2 . 10-12 day lead time
Morley Glass is set up to be able to deliver its Uni-Blinds ® integral blinds in just 10-12 days from the point of order when ordered by 12.00pm on any Thursday . It is a turnaround that helps its customers to meet homeowner expectations and one that few other suppliers of between-glass blinds can match .