Pro Installer January 2022 - Issue 106

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10 Systems switch
Why making the move to aluminium is ‘ best decision ’ D & I ever made .
18 Hardware hero
VBH ’ s award-winning Colin Russell is 2022 ’ s first Company Hero .
36 Tailored training
GQA ’ s fresh focus on fenestration qualifications to tackle skills crisis .
44 Best in business
Reflecting on last year ’ s highs and lows , Origin is in pole position .
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Made for Trade like many companies has seen huge growth in 2021 against a backdrop of economic uncertainty , raw material price increases , labour shortages and supply chain failures . No-one has been exempted from these issues and we will look back on 2021 as a year where under immense strain the key words will have been perseverance and agility both of which MFT have in abundance . I am not sure that any of the above challenges will go away completely in 2022 but hopefully we will see an easing of at least some of these issues in the coming months .
In 2022 I predict that there will be a slight correction in the market based on the cooling of the economy due to inflationary pressures , potentially higher interest rates and holidays abroad being back on the shopping list . I do not believe that this will affect

in Q3 and Q4 I think that we can expect to see the market settle to prepandemic levels

’ most of the industry in Q1 and Q2 as we all play catch up on our bulging forward order books , however in Q3 and Q4 I think that we can expect to see the market settle to pre-pandemic levels . We will also need to keep a close eye on the supply chain especially if rumoured Chinese metal tariffs are introduced . There are many places to source metal however raw materials such as magnesium which are used in the production of aluminium alloys commonly used in building materials predominantly come out of China and could be in short supply .

All this said MFT will continue to invest heavily in our marketing at consumer level with our award winning Korniche lantern and look forward to fully launching our ground-breaking Korniche bi-fold door in early 2022 which we will be showcasing at the FIT Show in May .
We would like to thank our customers , suppliers and most of all our staff for their service and understanding over 2021 and would like to wish everyone a fantastic 2022 .

Andy Jones , Commercial Director , Made for Trade roof lantern

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Average installation under 30 mins
Premium seals , class leading thermals
3mX2.5m possible with no mid rafters
Seamless joints and cappings