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Here , Roland Etheridge , Category Manager at IronmongeryDirect looks at the additional measures that installers can recommend to help customers improve the security of their property , whilst protecting their own premises .
Ensuring homes and small business premises are properly protected from theft and break-ins is essential . Data from the Office for National Statistics ( ONS ) reports that there were 448,000 domestic burglaries in the year to June 2021 . Also , the Federation of Small Businesses ( FSB ) reports that robbery and burglary is the most common type of crime against businesses , making up 42 % of all crimes reported by its members .
Therefore , helping customers improve the security of their property not only provides opportunities for locksmiths to expand their business but also allows them to offer a valuable service to those individuals and businesses .
Smart security technology
There is a substantial and growing range of smart and connected security products that can be used to enhance the security of homes and businesses . Interior and exterior smart security cameras can provide real-time monitoring from any connected device , as well as notifications of movement in the area . There are a variety of products on the market with specific features and benefits , for example , cameras from Ring that include built in spotlights for added security .
Similarly , smart alarms can provide additional benefits when compared with traditional systems , including instant alerts to alarm activations . In addition , door and window sensors that include motion and vibration detection , such as the ERA motion sensor provide alerts to any attempted break-in .
In addition , there are smart locks that not only offer greater security but also convenience for the user . For example , the Yale Conexis L1 Multipoint Smart Lock offers the flexibility to operate the lock using a key fob , key card , phone tag or Bluetooth app depending on the customer preferences . The robust lock has passed the PAS 24 and TS007 3 star attack tests and carries the BSI Kitemark for TS621:2018 standard for smart lock security .
While many of these products can be used as standalone solutions to address specific issues , compatible devices can be combined into a single system to deliver a more comprehensive security solution . For example , movement detected by a CCTV camera can activate the alarm .
Door security
With regard to door security there are simple measures that can be suggested in addition to advice on selecting the door locks that meet the relevant standards . For customers that require a higher level of physical door security , it is worth recommending steel frame door reinforcement to prevent timber doors being forced open . Reinforcement bars , such as Kickstop ’ s Birmingham and London Bars are designed to strengthen the door and frame around the locks and hinges and are among the measures recommended by the Metropolitan Police for increased security . Manufactured from high quality solid rolled steel , these bars can be easily retrofitted to almost any timber door and provide constant and permanent additional security .
Window security
A simple solution to improving the security of windows is adding high quality restrictors . While often seen primarily as a safety measure to prevent falls from windows , products certified for security can help prevent forced entry . This type of window restrictor is easy to retrofit to most windows including uPVC , timber and aluminium frames . The product is fixed to both the frame and the horizontal or vertical edge of the window to prevent it being opened more than a set amount – usually around 100mm . This means that if the window is unintentionally left open it is much more difficult for opportunist thieves to gain access to the building .
For example , Titan by Jackloc is manufactured from steel , features a patented folding design and is tested to withstand a force of 4,800 newtons , approximately the weight of five adult males . This exceeds the standard requirements by nearly 10 times and is the first , and currently only , restrictor to be awarded Sold Secure status by the Master Locksmiths Association .
Beyond standard security measures there are a wide range of options that can be recommended to residential and business customers to help them enhance the safety and security of their property . At IronmongeryDirect our in-stock range of over 18,000 products includes a wide array of door and window locks , alarms , cameras and smart security devices .
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